I promise you’re not ready for the utter madness that is this very real training video from Waffle House where they show how they’ve made a new “written language” of sorts with food and condiment packets to represent every possible variation of their menu.

🎙️ Via Rec Diffs #232

The joys of a decade+ friendship are quips like this on @atpfm@mastodon.social. 🤣 🎙️

🆕📝 Crashing Clockwise #539: ‘You Folks Need Some Help’

🎙️: 🇪🇺🧑‍⚖️🍎, 🧳🖥️, 🌐, 🔗🪣, 🕑🔁, and 🖱️.

🆕📝 Crashing Clockwise #536: ‘Spay and Neuter Your Pets’

🎙️: 🖥️, 📱, 🐰, 🖱️, 📺, and 📧.

🎙️ Thanks @coreint for the reminder that big goals can start small — even ones that you used to be pretty good at so now it feels silly to start over. I did 5 push-ups this morning and will do at least 5 before I go downstairs each morning. 💪


🎙️ Ooh I do like this thesis of Robert Caro’s (of The Power Broker fame):

Power doesn’t corrupt, power reveals.


Question for the peanut gallery: when using emoji as hashtags (tagmoji) to categorize a post, should they be at the beginning of the post or the end?

Two microblog posts with video clips linking to podcast episodes, one with the 🎙️ emoji at the beginning and one with it at the end.

🎙️ Very much enjoyed this episode of Scriptnotes with Christopher Nolan. I’ve never read a movie script and know very little about film-making. Still, his thoughts on how a script should come together and translate onto the screen are fascinating. Great interview by @johnaugust@mastodon.art!

Things feel a little better in the world after a long-overdue airing of the grievances about the Apple TV interface from @hotdogsladies@mastodon.social and @siracusa@mastodon.social on RecDiffs. It’d sure been feeling off-kilter over here. 🎙️

This analogy checks out. 🎙️


Just some wildly diabolical stuff you aren’t taught about the United States' pro-Nazi bits in the lead up to our involvement in WW2. 🎙️


You know, I hadn’t considered that when you allow people to say and follow terrible things on your ad-driven platform, almost by necessity will ads be served up next to that terrible content for those users. As Ben says, it does put ad-supported (vs. subscriber-only) networks in a pickle. 🎙️

Holy smokes, the lengths the Planet Earth crew went to for getting both the shot and to take care not to disturb the critters nor their habitats are jaw-dropping and heartwarming. 🎙️


Loved this @Launched@mastodon.social episode with @neiljhaveri@mastodon.social about Mimestream. You could hear the smile on his face the whole time. 🎙️


🎙️ The first half of Connected this week had me giggling like an idiot. One of the highlights of every week. (Out of respect for @ismh@eworld.social’s strong feelings, this will not be cross posted to Threads 😝)

You’ve got to listen to the conversation in this Vergecast episode with Spotify’s Gustav Söderström. I’m an Apple Music guy myself, but I sure like his ideas around AI-facilitated recommendations. He’s clear-eyed about the challenges that entails, and focused on finding us our next favorite music. 🎙️

🎙️ ‘Norah Jones is Playing Along’ with Dave Grohl

This warm and wide-ranging episode gives an intimate peek into the mind of one of modern rock’s most beloved legends.

I’m a Norah Jones fan, but have never been into the Foo Fighters. That said, this session with Dave Grohl was one of the best listening experiences I’ve had in ages. It was like eavesdropping in on two friends just hanging out chatting and occasionally jamming out a song — they just so happen to be world-class musicians and performers. Got an hour that needs some background listening? Do yourself a favor and throw this on.

🎙️ Holy smokes, great tip @viticci@macstories.net! Our PS5 has been plugged into Ethernet for…3+ years and I never knew it was falling back to Wi-Fi. 60 seconds to go through the settings and set up the wired connection and now it’s getting 6x the download speed! Sony should revisit that default.

🎙️ Legacy Series: Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia, Muses About His Early Days of Climbing

You probably know Yvon Chouinard as the founder of the Patagonia clothing company. But that man sure has lived a full life outside of selling outdoor sportswear, and done a lot of good. 🧗

🆕📝 Crashing Clockwise #528: ‘The Jeweled Dung Beetle’

🎙️ tap, tap Is this thing on? Time for something completely different.

😲 It’s me! I’m Barrod J on @HemisphericViews! 👋 🎙️


Loving the love for the iPhone 13 mini on @HemisphericViews. It’s the best one. 🧡📱🎙️


There’s something to @danielpunkass@mastodon.social’s framing here on @coreint. Maybe Musk did those of us who used to like Twitter a favor here… 🎙️ overcast.fm/+KxFFPJjw…

Wow, I hadn’t even considered real-time ad generation for each individual internet surfer before. The internet ad network is about to get even more weird and creepy. dithering.fm 🎙️

🎙️ It’s shit like this that makes @connected@relayfm.social the most consistently great (ostensibly tech?) podcast on the web. The japes are unreal. 🤣 Keep it up, boys. 🙌 www.relay.fm/connected…