You know, I heard on that the Podcastathon thing was pretty fun, but also good and tough. 😂

Holy shit, really getting my money’s worth out of this bonus episode of @HemisphericViews. I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in months!

This seems like something,, and would want to get hooked up ASAP 😂

Big props to Lucas on crushing the lead of Roaches on the Wall (5.10) last night. Made it look easy, which it is not! It’ll be a few seasons before I’m ready to lead that, but his stoke on the send will keep me inspired to continue at it. 📷

Flash photo of climber at the top of a cliff at night.

If I had purchased a FineWoven case and the USB-C hole alignment was off, let alone how poor the quality and feel of the case seems to be, I’d be returning the case and looking elsewhere before I purchased new cables to fit this one oddball case.

🆕📝 7 Things This Week [#111]

🧗 Led up this gem today with Gerry! The Disputed (5.8) is the hardest trad lead I’ve done since injuring my finger and, not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of working through this onsight! (And I was treated to another beautiful sunset on the ride home. Autumn is just the best.) 📷

Looking down a steep mountain cliff with a bearded man climbing up it looking at the camera.

Looking out over a lake and trees with an orangey red sunset.

😲 It’s me! I’m Barrod J on @HemisphericViews! 👋 🎧…

Loving the love for the iPhone 13 mini on @HemisphericViews. It’s the best one. 🧡📱🎧…

It’s Podcastathon day! The Relay FM team is doing live japes and games for 12 hours straight to raise money to cure childhood cancer with St. Jude. Tune in and give. Not until it hurts, but until it feel really good.

It’s happening again! These awesome little 30W USB-C chargers are just $10 at Woot and $15 on Amazon. (Via The Verge)

Four colorful translucent usb-c chargers

🆕📝 These Are Not the Consoles You’re Looking For

Maybe the “gaming console”-capable A17 Pro is as destined to upgrade the Apple TV’s gaming cred as it is the Mac’s.

📷🧗 Got over to Cloudspin Cliff with Matt Oaks and @saw_dust_ery last night. Cool cliff with awesome views of Whiteface. Led up Sundays are for Friends (5.8) not clean, but felt good to test a piece again. Then top roped CCR (5.10a) after Oakcy put up the rope in the dark. Incredible climb. Can’t wait to get back there.

Whiteface mountain at sunset

🆕📝 Call People (and Things) What They Ask To Be Called

It’s not that hard.

I just released version 1.5 of the ‘Stand Goal Cheater’ shortcut! Get it here from the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library.

  • Fixed an iOS 17 bug by adding minuscule distance and calories to the ‘Log Workout’ action (Thanks Robert W.)
  • Added iPad support

🆕📝 How I Automatically Include a Blog Description in My RSS Feed

This one gets a little extra nerdy with HTML, Mustache, and editing the RSS feed template.

🆕📝 HeyDingus for Relay FM for St. Jude for Ending Childhood Cancer

Join me, Relay FM, and the broader Apple community in donating to St. Jude. Because cancer sucks.

🆕📝 7 Things This Week [#110]

🆕📝 So That’s What They Do With All the Old iMacs

And other observations from the CBS interview with Tim Cook.

🆕📝 Viticci’s Very Good™ Lede

lol 😂 Instagram suggested creating this Reel. 📹

Hopped up Empress → Greensleeves (5.6) at Chapel Pond Slab today with the great @saw_dust_ery. Always fun to get up on tops of things! And was treated to a gorgeous sunset on the drive home. 📷

Soooo…how ‘bout that next-gen CarPlay that Apple promised would come out this year, and then hasn’t said a peep about since? ⏳

🆕📝 Brief Thoughts After Apple’s Wonderlust Event

Alright, I finally got to watch the keynote.

🆕📝 Gruber: ‘Apple’s Two-Pronged Annual iPhone Strategy’

There are a lot of new iPhones introduced each year. What they feature, and what sticks around is worth noting.