Do I know anyone who’s a Notion magician and wants to drop some knowledge? I’ve been trying all afternoon to put together some databases that link to each other so I can (1) Keep properties and notes on local mountains, and (2) Log each time I climb one with additional properties. It’s thwarting me.

I love this distinction.

I’ve often said in this space that although convenience and accessibility are the closest cousins, they are not one and the same. Everyone loves convenience, whether identifying as a disabled person or not, but accessibility is the difference between agency and autonomy and dependency and the lack of control. That’s why accessibility exists: be it digital or tangible, accessibility is a declaration of independence in a society decidedly undesigned for people with disabilities everywhere.

No, Apple, please do this! My Vision Pro spends plenty of time sitting plugged in and unused. This is exactly what I want it to do with that otherwise wasted time and power.

It takes about 15 seconds to spatialize a photo, so it’s unlikely that Apple will ever ask the Vision Pro to churn in the background through every single photo in your library, but I’ve yet to see a photo that failed to become more interesting after being converted.

This is what I love about the web — you can build what you want, what you want to use, maintain it (or not), have fun with it, throw something out as a novelty or dig deep and keep adding to it. There's underlying infrastructure — that's hard to avoid — but the tools are there and you can build whatever you'd like. It doesn't have to be a blog — it can be — and that can take whatever shape you want it to.

Build what you want and have fun doing it.

Having a front row seat to’s live The Talk Show with the Theater app on Vision Pro is pretty fantastic. After just a few minutes, it’s easy to forget that I’m across the country on my couch. It’s very cool!

Front row view of three men sitting on stage.

I know nothing about chip or server arctitecture, but it would be pretty sweet if Apple is actually using all the chips that didn’t meet standards for selling in a product yet are totally fine if used in aggregate for their own server farms. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

@kevin @reppep @gruber @atpfm Could be where all the really binned M2 chips have gone!

I’m very into all the new ways to launch shortcuts coming in iOS 18! I’ll definitely be swapping out the camera launcher too. And I’m thinking about a full page of shortcuts in control center, accessible anywhere with a long swipe.

With iOS 18 you can replace the flashlight and camera Lock Screen buttons with a Shortcut!

I’ve kept my Action Button as a “skip forward 3 minutes” for listening to podcasts, but will def replace the camera with a Shortcuts menu. I typically swipe for camera anyway.

New thread with little bits I find in Apple’s new OSes. 🧵’s timeline officially can’t keep up with Apple keynote days. I like to watch the event, and then go back and read the hot takes and jokes later, but I can only scroll back so far (not very far) before ‘Show More’ isn’t an option. Not even the RSS feed seems able to hang. 😞 cc: @help

Oh boy, we’re hardly out of follow-up, and is already way off the rails. 😂 Gonna be a great one! 🎙️

Happy DubDub day! I’ve got the day off (🥳) and will watch and spew out unasked for opinions about all the announcements! I’ll do my best to keep them in this thread, and (if I remember) add the #WWDC hashtag so you can mute if you’re uninterested. But I encourage you to embrace the optimism! 😁 🧵

A neon-outline apple logo glows against a dark background, above the text “WWDC24."

🆕📝 7 Things This Week [#145]

Serving up hot and fresh links!

“You’re On Your Own, Kid” has really been speaking to me lately. Midnights has historically not been a favorite of mine, but I’m giving it another shot.…

Currently turning off basically all notifications on my Mac. I really only need notifications in one place: my phone. Dunno why it took this long for me to realize.

🆕📝 My WWDC24 Wish List

This would make for a monumental event. 🤞

I hardly ever do titled posts on, so I find myself befuddled on how to add a title to a post that’s fewer than 300 characters long. I surely don’t need to add filler text just to reveal the title field (and then delete the filler), right? cc: @manton

Screenshot of's post writing interface with no Title field in sight, despite all the options to show more things selected.

If you’ve got a minute, go check out the app animations at under the ‘Our apps mind their business. Not yours.’ header. They’re fun and clever.

Optimism rules!

So yeah, I’m going to be critical of things Apple does for the rest of my days, but I’m also going to remember that I got into this because it was fun. I strongly believe that the online discourse can make it so people fall into a rut where people get angry all the time about everything. I genuinely love Apple’s products a lot, and this week is like Christmas for me, so I’m going to have fun during WWDC — there are 51 other weeks this year to be salty, so unless WWDC is an absolute dumpster fire, expect to get Glass Half Full Matt this week. ✌️

🔗 #3 - On First Drafts | Kadambari

But here’s the thing: when you finish things, you become more confident, because you understand the most important step of writing: have a first draft. A first draft is messy, but it is complete. Once you have this mess, you can tidy it up. […]

You can’t do anything with an incomplete draft, except complete it. And when you’ve been away from a story for long, when you’ve lost enthusiasm for an idea, finishing drafts is an incredibly difficult thing to do (though it’s not impossible)

There’s so much good advice in this chapter. 📖

🔗 The spectre in the rearview (or: “Fast Car”)

My entire life up until then, I wanted to be a famous author. I loved writing. I loved showing off my writing. I loved being seen in the way that quiet dorks do, the way that gets you sent home with the scarlet letter on your homework. I was such a little slut for school, and I was proud of it.

My entire life up until then, all I craved was to be told I did a good job. Do that and you had me, hook, line, sinker. Reel me in and gut me, you’ll find the glut of old report cards.

I’m so glad that there are writers like Keenan in the world.

🔗 Defensive and Skeptical //

Rather than being “Hungry and Foolish” it was now the prudent course of action to instead be “Defensive and Skeptical”. To be incredibly circumspect of which opportunities are worth the risk. To take actions which provide stability and preserve what you already have. To become comfortable with slow, measured growth.

I have no idea if this is what Steve Jobs meant in his commencement speech. He could have simply meant it in the positive, motivational sense. But increasingly I wonder if he may have also meant it in the cautionary sense as well.

🔗 Apple to Launch Standalone ‘Passwords’ App in iOS 18 and macOS 15 // Juli Clover //

The app includes logins and passwords for websites, Wi-Fi network passwords, and Passkeys, a feature that uses Face ID or Touch ID to log into websites instead of a password. Data from the app can be automatically inserted into websites and apps when a user logs in.

For the last year, I’ve tried iCloud Keychain instead of 1Password, but I’ve been meaning to switch back. With family on 1P and all the other stuff it syncs, it’s just better for me. But we’ll see what Apple does on Monday! 👀

🔗 U.S. Audiobook Sales Hit $2 Billion in 2024 // Ed Nawotka | //

The audiobook market in the United States continues steadily growing, with revenue increasing by 9%, to $2 billion, in 2023 […]

The survey also found that 38% of American adults listened to an audiobook in the last year, up from 35% reported in 2023.

Just the other day, I walked by a group of painters all listening to an audiobook together while they worked. Thought it was pretty cool!

🔗 Feature Request: Make HomeKit truly smart, with AI features // // Ben Lovejoy

One simple next step would be that, instead of me manually checking that every other light was out, I could simply tell it to switch on low lighting in the bedroom and switch off all other lights – without having to explicitly add them all to the scene.

But a true AI approach would be if I could give HomeKit my intent and have it figure out what is necessary to achieve that.

Yes please!

Finished reading: Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir 📚

After being in and out of loans for over a year, I finally marathoned my way through 80% of this book in the last few days. And sprinted through hours of reading today, both because the story was compelling and because my loan ended today.

I loved how imaginative this book was while still being (somewhat) rooted in reality — at least scientific constructs. I spotted many holes in the logic, but none were so glaring that they detracted from the overall story of survival, ruthless ingenuity, and friendship. And (spoiler) I appreciate a tale in which alien contact is curious and cooperative, rather than confrontational.

I recommend it!