Herman’s got it right:

I'd rather a product not exist in the first place if their business model requires them to eventually enshittify after they've lured people in. Because, unfortunately, a subsidised product crowds out products that are more basic, yet more sustainable in the long run. Creating something that captures market share and then turns the tables actively harms their users, and the market in general.

On the other hand, I love the internet. It's a place where people come to share ideas and digitally congregate. I see it as a bunch of campfires sprinkled throughout the darkness of cyberspace.

Goodness. 😲

Multiplying all the possible sounds, fonts, quotes, icons, and themes gives you over 4 billion (not a typo) different permutations. It's unlikely that two Clear users are ever going to give Clear the same personalized touch.

It’s too bad that all these post-Twitter platforms seemingly need to reach critical mass to stay alive. None appear to have gone in with a business plan that allowed for organic growth over time — they banked on “rapid consumer adoption”. Virality or bust. 🙄

But, at the end of the day, our service is not growing fast enough to become a real business or a significant platform. A consumer business, at its core, needs to show rapid consumer adoption and we have not managed to find the right product combination to make it happen.

🔗 Most Popular Computer Operating Systems 1985 - 2024 // Captain Gizmo // youtube.com

Whoa. It wasn’t until 2020 that macOS market share eclipsed that of Windows 7. I would have pegged it sooner.

I wish I were as good at social media as @BasicAppleGuy@mastodon.social. A+ 👍👍 Certified Very Good Tweet™

An iPod, a Phone, an Internet Communicator, and a NES, SNES, N64, GBA, DS emulator.

An iPod, a Phone... are you getting it?!

Now that my hair is getting longer, I’m convinced that the “it’s bad for your hair” reason that long-haired folks give for not shampooing it every time is mostly a sham. I think it’s because it’s an ever-growing pain to scrub it all every time. 😝

I’ve been using emoji’d bookmark folders like this tip that Greg Pierce shared without ever realizing they lacked rhe folder icon. They’re great.

I promise you’re not ready for the utter madness that is this very real training video from Waffle House where they show how they’ve made a new “written language” of sorts with food and condiment packets to represent every possible variation of their menu.

🎙️ Via Rec Diffs #232

Alright @robb@social.lol, you got me. I’ve swapped the @HeyDingus@mas.to auto-poster from Make.com to echofeed.app. How could I resist? 😘

📷 #mbApr Day 18

Night mode mountain was a real mood.

A mountain peak under a starlit sky, surrounded by desert vegetation. It’s night-time with the landscape subtly illuminated.

🔗 U.S. Court Rules That Police Can Force a Suspect to Unlock Phone With Thumbprint // daringfireball.net

My advice is to internalize the shortcut to hard-lock an iPhone, which temporarily disables Face/Touch ID and requires the passcode to unlock: squeeze the side button and either of the volume buttons for a second or so. I wrote an entire article about this two years ago. Don’t just learn this shortcut, internalize it, so that you don’t have to think about it under duress. Just squeeze the side buttons until you feel the phone vibrate. […] Tell everyone you know how to [do it].

🔗 Getting The Shot // Andy Kirkpatrick // andy-kirkpatrick.com


I hate the shots in mags where the climber knows they are being shot. What you see isn’t the real climber, it’s what the climber wants you to see. […] Give me a break. A good example are the images from Steve Houses ‘s ascent of Nanga Parbat. Basically you need to shoot people when they are at their most pissed off, scared or vulnerable. So no saying cheese. 

Two residents of this corner of the web were linked to or featured by large publications today. Pretty pretty neat! 🙌 to @robb@social.lol and @stephenrobles@mastodon.social!

Random thought: I wonder if true cobblers resent the modern connotation of “cobbled together” more or less meaning “to haphazardly assemble”. I would hope my cobbler isn’t cobbling together my shoes!

First Baker climbs of the year. Love this crag, and loved introducing Brendan to it. 📷

Person rock climbing, ascending a vertical rock face with safety harness and rope, surrounded by trees and clear sky above. A person rock climbing up a steep, rocky cliff face, with a rope attached for safety, set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky with sparse branches.

🆕📝 PenPal with Ratika: Sleep, Routines, and Short Stories

If Ratika's emails are this good, just imagine what her books are like!

📷 #mbApr Day 17

The clouds flaunted their transcendence without a care in the world.

A distinct ring of white cloud hangs in a clear blue sky, amidst whispy clouds, above treetops.

I wasn’t happy with how buttons on my site weren’t acting like buttons (you had to click the button’s text for it to work as a hyperlink). I learned I should style an <a> tag as a button to get that effect, not using the <button> element. But that was its own rabbit hole…

This helped fix things:

A computer screen displays a Shortcuts workflow setup, showing various actions like receiving text and splitting it, set against a mountainous background.

Apple is renewing For All Mankind and making a spinoff series, Star City:

A robust expansion of the “For All Mankind” universe, “Star City” is a propulsive, paranoid thriller that takes us back to the key moment in the alt-history retelling of the space race — when the Soviet Union became the first nation to put a man on the moon. But this time, we explore the story from behind the Iron Curtain, showing the lives of the cosmonauts, the engineers and the intelligence officers embedded among them in the Soviet space program, and the risks they all took to propel humanity forward.

Oh hell yeah!

🔗 iOS 18 Rumor: Notes App to Offer New Voice Memos and Math Features // macrumors.com

First, the report claims that iOS 18 will allow iPhone users to record voice memos directly within the Notes app, and these recordings could then be embedded in notes. Audio recordings can already be copy and pasted from the Voice Memos app into the Notes app for playback, but this step would no longer be necessary starting with iOS 18.

Speaking of voice messages in more places, voice memos in Notes makes a lot of sense. I know very few people who go into the Voice Memos app, but tons who use Apple Notes.

🔗 Acapulco — Season 3 Official Trailer Apple TV+ // Apple TV // youtube.com

Stoked for this show to return; it’s great! And do I spy a one Dani Rojas? 👀

I’d be down for Apple bringing Threads-style voice messages to iMessage. I love the transcription (in case you’re in a noisy place) and the follow-along animation. I’d use voice messages way more often.

A social media post by &lsquo;kyia_kayaks&rsquo; shows an audio wave and reads: &ldquo;Hey everyone, happy Monday. I need some inspiration for the week — drop yours below?&rdquo; Posted 2 hours ago.

🔗 Logitech wants you to press its new AI button // Emilia David // theverge.com

Tomorrow’s AI PCs may not only have a Copilot key on their keyboards — Logitech is introducing its own way to summon ChatGPT, too. It’s called the Logi AI Prompt Builder, and it’ll use a dedicated button on your mouse or keyboard.

The Logi AI Prompt Builder doesn’t just present you with a chatbot, it gives you preset “recipes” to help you prompt it, too.

Year of the A(i)ction Button? Action Buttons all the way down?

Since the first design of my site, I’ve stuck with blue text for my hyperlinks because that always seemed canonical with the web. Links = blue text, blue underline. But I’ve grown less certain with its readability with all that blue text interspersed. I’m considering a change. What do y’all think?

Two digital displays show a webpage with an article titled &ldquo;Humane pinned their launch date, if not their pin.&rdquo; Hand-drawn red letters &ldquo;A&rdquo; (blue link text) and &ldquo;B&rdquo; (blue underlined links) mark each screen.

🆕📝 PenPal with Valerie: Climbing, Crafts, and Wrap-up

A big ol' thanks to @val for opening their inbox to me.