@pratik Looks like using a custom domain is part of their paid plan (link). And yes, I actually have that working on own version, but haven’t updated the public version to do it yet. I can show you how to add that in if you start using it before I update the shortcut.

@simonbs yaaas

@pratik That was one of my considerations too. It would probably take a long time to fill up my 2GB free plan on Dropbox, but I wasn't sure and didn't want to risk it. As I remember, ImageKit measures by bandwidth, but I've never come close to the free monthly allotment.

@Annie Nice, I'll check it out. I've been pretty happy with Fitness+ yoga workouts too.

@gr36 @pratik ImageKit has been totally solid (and free) for the past few years that I've been using them for my Blot site's images. Here's the shortcut in question.

@pratik Same. lol

@jsonbecker Thanks for the shoutout. It’s always such a thrill to read your name on one of your favorite sites. 🧡

@Miraz Speak for whomself! 😉

@pratik Oh! Thanks for the recommendation. I enjoyed Bryson's A Walk in the Woods.

@Annie I've heard of that Down Dog app. You like it?

@simonbs Ship it!

@agiletortoise Thank you!

@hotdogsladies would love to see an annotation of the kill zone. 😆

@jarrod It ended up being a busted 1st-gen eero that the Hue Hub was plugged into. ✅

@pratik I haven’t figured out yet how I want to write about it. I honestly haven’t had as much time to play with it as I’d like. And it’s a difficult thing for me to form coherent thought about.

@pratik gotcha! 😉

@keenan It had to be done, but just the once. ✌️ (they need a pinky swear emoji!)

@keenan I’m deeply displeased with you. 😝

@jarrod Oops.

@jarrod lol, I started with email. But I promise I’m going to go figure out what the hell is wrong with my HomeKit setup. Riiiiigt now!

@keenan Oh no, you’ve made me notice it.

@manton You don’t buy their claim that DMA says they need to allow for parity between browser engines? And that it would introduce security concerns that they’re not interested in solving for at this point? Not sure where I stand on this, but I lean toward more laissez-faire than most opinions I see.


An animated image of a person in a metallic helmet and armor, The Mandalorian, in a dimly lit corridor with walls of rough stone and scattered lights, captioned “This is the way.”

@simonbs Can’t wait!

@paulrobertlloyd @manton Wow. Just gorgeous!