@maique haha that works for me too. What app is that, by the way?

@gruber On iOS the capability would for sure have to come from Apple. But I’d find it odd for them to introduce a power-user system feature like that on iOS and not macOS. I’ve always felt that a clipboard manager was just beyond the comfort zone of a typical user. Have you? And don’t you think that existing advanced 3rd-party functionality hasn’t usually stopped them? It’s more up their alley to swoop in with a basic-needs-met product but leave advanced features to 3rd-parties.

@gruber Seems like we’d see this built-into macOS by now if they were interested. But I’m with you, I’d love to see it!

@manton Okay, gotcha. That’s what I’d gathered from context over the years, but thought PNG was smaller overall even with photos. It’s interesting that the kind of image matters.

@matthewcassinelli Haha, glad to see it all going up. And I'm an RSS completionist. Gotta see stuff in context, so oldest at the top! (I wish social apps offered this too)

@manton And why not just 3? I usually default to PNG, and am honestly not sure what JPEG offers that PNG doesn't.

@cliffordbeshers In case you're still looking, this is what Bard had to say:

  • A Cat Called Mortimer by Shane Conaty is a children's book about a rich cat who is unhappy with his life. He decides to run away and find a new home, where he can be himself.
  • The Cat Who series by Lilian Jackson Braun features a Siamese cat named Mortimer who helps his owner, Jim Qwilleran, solve mysteries.
  • Mortimer by Robert Cormier is a young adult novel about a boy who befriends a stray cat named Mortimer. Mortimer helps the boy to cope with the death of his father.
  • Mortimer's Tale by Charles De Lint is a fantasy novel about a cat named Mortimer who is the last of his kind. Mortimer must find a way to save his people from extinction.

@robb That is gorgeous 🤩

@ridwan Exactly. That’s just what I was saying to @RobertSilvernail last night. And the 50% discount is how they got me, too. 😉

An iMessage conversation asking what made Gentler Streak special. The response: A couple things. I like its gimmick with the exercise bar that gives me permission to stay within a range rather than always going for more that the activities rings push with trying to fill them each day. I like that it provides more actionable insight to all the health data that my phone has, like sleep tracking, and what the hours actually mean to my body rather than just tracking the number of hours. I like the variety of personal activity suggestions, rather than me having to come up with something or just doing the same exercises over again. And a lot of impulse, due to their clever discount scheme.”

@numericcitizen Oh that’s a good idea. Does your automation allow capturing a specific window or is it the whole screen?

@andyn @gr36 👀 👀 👀

@RobertSilvernail Okay, so the internet is a really a series of tubes…

@vincent Maybe? This would be building on top of micro.blog? What do you mean by “an overview of your site”?

@joshua Congrats, that’s pretty cool! And those view counts are astonishing! 😳

@ridwan I'd describe it as a more personalized, more actionable, and more forgiving version of the Apple Watch activity rings system. It encourages you to keep your fitness/exercise within a healthy range, but without always pushing you to do more, more, more. And when you are doing too much – based on your sleep and activity – suggests lower impact ways to stay active or just rest. (See mine below) There's more, like activity summaries, exercise plans, and insights, but that's the gist.

Screenshots of the gentler streak app suggesting lower impact activities after a spike in effort over time.

@mako That’s really great to hear.

@maique Oooh, very sharp!

@Viditb Absolutely. It bugs me all the time because it doesn’t looks like they put in any effort to optimize the UI. So much is unnecessarily cramped. The original ratio, for all iPads, was loads better. Do I think they’ll go back? No. But one can dream. 🤞

@jsonbecker Me too, I set them up manually as “micro-posts” and “macro-posts” but I’m considering changing them to “short-posts” and “long-posts” for clarity.

@manton That might be a nice middle ground. I know personally like subscribing to folks’ longer stuff via my RSS reader, but the way Micro.blog sites are by default that means I also get all the short posts too. With the guidance toward adding a title when longer and how those posts are displayed differently on the timeline, I think it would be pretty natural to have a little more automatic separation in the way people can subscribe to someone’s posts.

@manton Maybe everyone gets automatic category filters of “long posts” and “short posts” by default, but they can be disabled or renamed?

@manton Does your site offer a long posts-only RSS feed? I wonder if it would be too heavy-handed to have one available for all Micro.blog sites by default.

@matthewcassinelli 👀 Interesting theory. I wonder what they would get more hype out of: being in the keynote or teasing ahead of time, consequences be damned.

@stroughtonsmith Yes please! I’ve been thinking that many interactions would feel incomplete without a physical object in my hand.

@vincent Honestly, my App Store UI could be boiled down to a Search tab and an Updates tab, and I’d be a happy camper.