@vincentritter My money’s on feed reader. 💰

@amerpie It’s how I run them too!

@ericmwalk You betcha!

@ericmwalk Oh it’s fantastic. I’ve been here two years and barely scratched the surface.

And yeah, captured with the Ray-Bans. 😉 Listened to podcasts the whole time, battery lasted the full 3-ish hours with dozens of photo/video captures, but was pretty much dead by the end.

@pratik Let me know! It’s been working for me.

@jarrod Welcome Darren Singleton to the club!

@pratik Just starting! All this newfangled technology. 😜

@jarrod I can feel the crustiness of age starting in as my initial reaction to much of what I saw presented today was feeling overwhelmed. And the thought that I'll probably just keep using computers the way I have. But that's the easiest way to get left behind and not benefit from everything they can help us accomplish.

I'm sure young(er) people will direct this orchestra of AI features into a symphony. It's going to require dedicated effort from me.

@jarrod It'll be interesting to see if Apple follows the trend of naming/numbering their AI model like Google and OpenAI do. I'm hoping and expecting their approach will be to introduce features to the OS, which already has a regular update paradigm and not also need to keep track of which model is running the show.

@jarrod From what I've caught from Google IO today, the tech is incredibly impressive. But I don't know how I could ever keep it in my head all what the assistant can do. I already have that problem with Siri, which can do way more than what I ever think to try. I guess that was the point of their (super corny) "Just Ask" ad.

And the way all the capabilities were introduced was very difficult to keep track of. What's available to consumers to try? What's only for developers? What's in each model? What's in the Assistant that's on Android phones? Does any of it require a specific phone or chip?

I expect Apple's presentation will be more clear, but it remains to be seen if they'll be able to keep up.

@jarrod Oh, and Gemini, Gems, and Gemma. They saw Apple's M3 Pro and Max Pro Macs and said, "Hold my beer."

@jarrod So there's Gemini Pro and Gemini Advanced? (And Flash and Nano?) Or is Advanced an umbrella term?

Oh, and I've also added one line to my instructions action, thanks to a suggestion by @frank, that helps prevent some parsing issues. You can update that on your own too! Whenever I have a next update for the shortcut I'll include those improvements, but it's not worth making you go through that whole process when you can just do it yourself. (Yay open source!)

Text editor displays instructional text surrounded by various automation controls, including search options and action suggestions. Background features an underwater ocean scene with coral and fish. 
The highlighted text instructs the model not to use specific punctuation marks in its response.

In your description, do not use any punctuation marks like ",;,: or '.

@matt Great stuff!

@keenan I’m impressed too! They’ve been fun to follow along with. Music obviously plays a huge role in your life and memories. 🙂

(And, yes, I’m obviously a pixel peeper. 🕵️‍♂️)

@jarrod The Verge saves the day: ‘Apple could update the iPad Mini by the end of this year’

@matt Yep, still looks fantastic. Slap some new optics in that thing and reship it!

@BasicAppleGuy What a weird little guy.

@viticci WhAtEvEr CoUlD iT bE?!

@robb Title-less posts?

@canion Good luck!

@numericcitizen Nah, it's to show that the blacks actually get black with OLED. But it does make determining screen dimensions tricky.

@dmoren Yeah, that'd probably be better at this point.

@simonbs helge@mastodon.social Was gonna say Apple Card, but the stickers for sure. Or the regulatory paperwork that seems to be printed on tissue paper. 😂