Warm weather had the usual spot looking sketchy but we still found some ice for @adkiceclimbermeetup last night. Thursday nights, 6ish to 9ish at Pitchoff Quarry (or Pitchoff Right in this case). Keep 🤞 for ice regrowth in March! 📷

A person is ice climbing a steep frozen wall at night, secured by an orange rope, with darkness surrounding them. A person is ice climbing at night, illuminated by a headlamp, with an orange rope extending downward in a dark environment.

🔗 A decade of working remotely | Lynn Fisher

I’ve seen execs point to a super productive off-site as proof that in-person is better. But in reality it showed what the team could do when they’re able to focus on one thing, uninterrupted, and with the usual decision blockers removed.

An excellent point and good reminder that interpretation matters.

Micro.blog just got 5x more valuable and was already leading the way. Love this service.

Today that’s changing. We are getting rid of the per-blog pricing. Instead, there will be three simple plans, and Micro.blog Premium will now include multiple blogs.

  • $5: one blog with all the basic features
  • $10: Micro.blog Premium, all the advanced features and up to 5 blogs included
  • $15: Micro.blog Family, same as Premium but up to 5 users can post to any of your blogs

In which Apple isn’t quite the price hog it’s thought to be.

That leaves the Mac Studio. The [best Ultra model comes] with the RAM and storage spec I want, but it is $5,000. With a display, it will be over a thousand dollars above my inflation-adjusted target. But hang on, because the CPU upgrade is $1,000 on its own; with the base Ultra SoC, I am just above the inflation-adjusted budget. That is close enough for my books, and a surprising result: you can now get the second-best SoC available on any Mac with a display for basically the same as the highest-end 2017 iMac.

🆕📝 7 Things This Week [#132]

Don't skip the 'Take a Chance' link this week. Well, don't skip any of them, but especially not the TAC. 🤭

🆕📝 Apple Return Policy PSA

A note for folks looking to get the most out of a generous return period/policy.

🆕📝 So Much To Do

In which I don't follow my own advice, but I feel okay about it.

Uh oh, time is already so easy to lose in Vision Pro. Watch out TikTokers. If Reels debuts, I’m doomed.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset now has a native TikTok app, the shortform video service has announced.

The interface will look relatively familiar [...], with a vertically oriented player for videos as well as buttons to like, comment, favorite, and share. But the company has taken advantage of the increased screen real estate [...] to spread out other interface elements, showing comments and creator profiles on a pane [...] so they don’t obscure the main video player.

Busywork isn’t always bad. I turn to it when I can’t deal but still need to get shit done.

A web designer told me busywork serves as “productive procrastination” when she’s avoiding more complex tasks. A woman in sales and marketing said she values the solitude of rote tasks, and retreats into spreadsheets “when everybody’s annoying and I’m peopled out and my bullshit meter is filled.” A senior research program manager at a nonprofit explained that she values how data cleaning [...] creates an intimacy with the information she’s processing.

This is so tempting. I can’t imagine Apple will make a “headless” laptop, but they should.

Luke Miani (who runs a great YouTube channel I’ve been following for a while) has created the sort of beautiful monstrosity I would absolutely consider for my own workflow: he was able to remove a display from an M2 MacBook Air and use the remaining “macOS slab” as a fully functioning computer for the Vision Pro’s Mac Virtual Display mode.

I just made one, and you should too!

St. Jude lets you send a digital Valentine's Day card to kids receiving treatment. It takes seconds and could brighten someone's day ❤️


I don’t use omg.lol, but I continue to think that it’s one of the best deals on the internet. And today especially!

omg.lol membership is 64% off today with code LOVE home.omg.lol/referred-by/robb

You get an email, blog, mastodon instance, all sorts of stuff and @adam is great too prami

🔗 Apple Music launches new personalized ‘Love’ and ‘Heartbreak’ stations — 9to5mac.com // Benjamin Mayo

The ‘Love Station’ has a romantic theme featuring songs about falling in love, whereas ‘Heartbreak’ features tracks about heartbreaks and sad love. Apple says these stations are deeply personalized to select the best music for each user, drawing from Apple Music’s catalog of more than 100 million songs.

I’m a heavy user of the personalized stations. Glad to see they’re rounding them out with more moods and things — keep ‘em coming!

🆕📝 Crashing Clockwise #540: ‘I Did Something Bad’

For months, I’ve wanted to get the heyjb.me domain for my links because it’s easy to say and, unlike my name, easy to spell. But when I’ve checked for it on Hover, it’s been taken. Bummer. Today, when glancing down the list of domains I own, what do I see? I already own heyjb.me. 🤦‍♂️

An animated image of Taylor Swift opening the door to see herself on the doorstep, with the back-and-forth conversation of “It’s me.” “Hi.” “I’m the problem, it’s me!"

So which superb owl won last night? 🦉

Mountainfest was a joy this weekend! So many quiet badasses here, ready and willing to share their knowledge. I feel so fortunate to live somewhere that an event like this exists to bring climbers and other outdoor adventurers together. 💪 📷

A person is ice climbing on a frozen waterfall amidst a snow-covered forest with mountainous terrain in the background. A climber ascends a vertical, frozen waterfall with ice axes, surrounded by snow-covered rocks and trees. A person is ice climbing a frozen slope while another person stands below on snow-covered ground, surrounded by a forest of bare trees. The climber is smiling and secured by ropes. Three individuals stand near a tall ice formation in a snowy, wooded area, with ice climbing equipment laid out in the foreground.

🆕📝 7 Things This Week [#131]

🤔 Super curious that I got offered this “loyal customer” discount only after transferring my line away from Verizon last night. 🙄

Text advertisement offers a $10/month discount on every phone line for a year to a person named Jarrod, expressing gratitude for loyalty to Verizon. Customer service numbers are provided.

Noticed that Verizon turned on 5G in my town. The blazing-fast networking future we were promised is here, my friends. 🙄

A smartphone displays internet speed results: 1.9 Mbps download, 1.4 Mbps upload, with latency measurements, against a white background with a FAST logo at the top.

🔗 Contextual Computing with Vision Pro: My Writing Cabin // MacSparky

When I’m not writing, I don’t go to Yosemite to watch a visionOS movie, or check email, or play with some other aspect of visionOS. My brain is already figuring out that Yosemite Valley equals writing. My Mac is far away, back at my studio, along with the the cognitive load that comes with the work I do on my Mac. That’s all a distant memory here in Yosemite Valley. My brain is successfully duped.

Sparks is the king of contextual computing, so I’m not surprised he found another way to trick his brain into productivity.

🆕📝 Crashing Clockwise #539: ‘You Folks Need Some Help’

🎙️: 🇪🇺🧑‍⚖️🍎, 🧳🖥️, 🌐, 🔗🪣, 🕑🔁, and 🖱️.

I’ve never watched an MKBHD video from this angle before!

A large, three-dimensional head-and-shoulder depiction of a man emerges from a flat surface, dominating a dimly lit living room adorned with festive lights.

🔗 Because what the world needs is one more post about their initial reactions to using Vision Pro, here’s mine. // tyler.io

I could hit a baseball wearing this; the pass-through responsiveness is so high. But cameras are cameras, and unless you’re in excellent, balanced lighting conditions, the real world looks like motion-blur through a very fine screen door with sharp, crystal-clear floating windows on top.

I’ll have more to say soon as I wade through my many thoughts about using the Vision Pro, but Tyler nails many of my initial impressions in this piece.

🔗 If you’d bought Apple shares instead of iPhones, you’d now have $147,000 — techcrunch.com // Haje Jan Kamps

I figured a more fair way of calculating it would be to imagine buy a top-of-the-line iPhone every time Apple releases a new iPhone, or spend the same amount on Apple stock. If you had done that, by my calculations, you’d have spent around $16,000 on iPhones over the years (that’s around $20,000 in today’s dollars). If you’d bought Apple shares instead, you’d today have $147,000 or so – or a profit of around $131,000.

😳 📱 💰