Is this app metadata layout new in App Store search? I kind of like its compactness.

App Store search listing showing the app’s rating, developer, and category on one line.

🆕📝 Escaping the Bubble With Bear Blogs

This is often what happens when I try to catch up on sleep by napping during the day. I end up staying awake way too late afterwards and perpetuate the exhaustion.

Here it is 2AM again, long past when I should’ve gone to sleep. Instead, I spent a couple hours writing a blog post that I thought would be a quickie. And then retried to troubleshoot the video upload woes I’ve had with I fixed the broken posts but am still unsure of what finally worked.

🆕📝 1Password Embraces No Passwords As I Consider No 1Password

🆕📝 The Most Popular Mac Isn’t the MacBook Air. Wait, What?

Holy smokes, this privacy video from Apple in China is something else. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them have a person embody the Apple brand before. Even in the Mac vs. PC ads, the guy was a Mac, not Apple itself. Entertaining though, and seems bold to put out in notoriously un-private China.

🆕📝 7 Things (Which Are My Go-To Camping Essentials) This Week, 2023-05-26

🆕📝 CarPlay Customization Paper Cuts

Did macOS lose the animated Memoji option on the lock/login screen? My little guy used to shake his head at me when I typed my password wrong, and be overall more fun to interact with. If not, how do I turn that back on??

🆕📝 Is Ford the Goodie?

I wonder how weather app developers feel about Apple’s WeatherKit API being only halfway reliable. Maybe they don’t mind because it only costs half as much as the Dark Sky API did.

When I saw this from, I immediately thought of and So good! 😂

The Pixel Tablet’s dock should have been a Nest speaker - The Verge

At launch — words I’ll come back to — it’s just a dock. It charges the Pixel Tablet, and it has speakers that the tablet can use when it’s docked. And it enables that Hub mode I was talking about. When you take the tablet off the dock, it’s a tablet. But the dock is just clutter. You can’t cast audio to it, you can’t ask it questions, and you can’t even use it to charge your other devices. It just takes up space.

Yeah, that would have made more sense.

🆕📝 Letters with Jose: May 18, 2023

Apple weighs in on the “mice” versus “mouses” debate.

A screenshot from that reads "Mice & Keyboards"

Also from the press release:

Shortcuts adds Remember This, which helps users with cognitive disabilities create a visual diary in Notes for easy reference and reflection.

I’m eager to see how this is implemented since it seems more like a Siri feature. Would also be perfect for that rumored journaling app.

Of course, even the microwave’s clock reads 9:41 in Apple’s accessibility announcement today.

A hand pointing to a button on a microwave on which the time is 9:41

Well, dang. All Consuming is possibly my very favorite current podcast. The show “ended” before, but came back in a different format for a second season. Maybe it’ll rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes once more. But you should still listen from the beginning. Thanks, Noah and Adam, for a great ride!

A email, reading: “Hey Patrons, It is with a heavy heart that I (Noah) come here to announce that after 89 episodes, All Consuming is no more. The Al episode that we published last week will be our last episode. Long story short, we just decided that making the show wasn’t fun anymore and it ultimately wasn’t a sustainable project for us to continue working on. There won’t be a finale. The show just ended. It will just fade away, like the millions of other podcasts that came before it. Super special thank you to everyone reading this. Thank you for being a Patron and supporting the show. It really meant the world knowing that you believed in what we were making. Hope to see you around one day soon. XOXO”

🆕📝 7 Things This Week, 2023-05-14

Oh hey, look what just came in! Nothing too impressive, but I felt compelled to complete this challenge in my new hometown. Next up, the 46ers! 📷

Amazing day to be out on a big multi-pitch rock climb. It was my first time running up the Chapel Pond Slab on the Regular Route (5.6) with @saw_dust_ery. Big rock! 📷

I had such a good day! It was beautiful out. I had an excellent hiking client and took them on a really fun trail (Three Brothers). Got a long-overdue haircut. Got back on some rock after a couple of weeks off from climbing. Great Ahi Stack dinner. AND I’m going to bed early. 😁 📷

Mountain range from afar covered in green foliage.

I love my town. 🧡 📹

I think I’m done with “fediverse” as a term. “Social web” sounds more approachable and accurate.