Today I (re)learned that light’s speed remains constant no matter the velocity of the observer. Wild. Which also means that light “experiences” no time nor distance. Everything that happens along its path of travel, from creation to absorption, light “experiences” instantaneously. Physics is cool. 🧠

I really like my Kobo, but 8 years later and the original Kindle Oasis with the leather battery cover is still the best eReader design I’ve ever used. Flush 6" screen, incredibly light, genius magnetic wraparound battery cover, 300 ppi resolution. It was so good.

A brown, leather Kindle Oasis rests on a rounded wooden surface beside cables.

🔗 WOLFS — Official Teaser Apple TV+ // Apple TV //

Whoa, Apple’s got a new film coming starring Brad Pitt and George Clooney?! That totally snuck by me.

🔗 OpenAI has a new safety team — it’s run by Sam Altman // Emma Roth //

For its first task, the new team will “evaluate and further develop OpenAI’s processes and safeguards.” It will then present its findings to OpenAI’s board, which all three of the safety team’s leaders have a seat on. The board will then decide how to implement the safety team’s recommendations.

I don’t know much about the inner workings of OpenAI, but I can say that Altman’s reputation makes this seem like a farce. I literally laughed out loud when I read this headline.

🆕📝 7 Things This Week [#144]

After a few weeks off, I'm back with them good links.

Thanks to’s video, I just created a BetterTouchTool sequence that copies the current URL from my Safari window with just a ⇧⌘C keyboard shortcut. And a second one that runs my ‘URLs Menu’ shortcut with ⇧^⌘C. 👍👍

BetterTouchTool interface displays keyboard shortcuts creation with sidebar listing apps and main section showing actions.

🔗 Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses will post Instagram stories for you // Emilia David //

The Instagram support will allow users to prompt the glasses to post to the app before or after taking a picture. They can say, “Hey Meta, share my last photo to Instagram” after taking a photo or tell it to “post a photo to Instagram” before taking a new picture.

Ooh, well now that’s interesting.

📺 I finally finished season 4 of For All Mankind and, oh boy, that finale had me sweating. Lots of things are going to be different in season 5, I’m sure. I didn’t connect as much with S4, but still great television. (By the way, watching it on a massive screen with Vision Pro was pretty sweet.)

📺 So happy for the triumphant return of Trying on Apple TV+. It’s one of my all-time favorite shows, and season 4’s opening schtick was superb. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes.

Been in kind of a publishing funk lately. Hoping to find the motivation again soon; maybe it’s been hiding under or behind something.

Finally got @adk_traplordz out on some rock 👊 Regular Route, Chapel Pond Slab 📷

A rope stretches down a steep rock face overlooking a dense green forest. A rope stretches up a steep rock face under a clear blue sky with green foliage at the edges. A climber with safety gear ascends a steep rock face beside a tree with emerging leaves in a bright natural setting. Climber ascending a steep rock face with forested hills in the background under a clear sky. A scenic mountain landscape with a deep blue lake surrounded by dense greenery under a clear blue sky with white clouds. A rope dangles over a rock face with shrubs against a blue sky with clouds.

Finished reading: Down by Andy Kirkpatrick 📚

Getting down from a mountain is often more complicated and riskier than climbing it in the first place. Andy wrote the essential book of techniques to do so safely. I learned more than a few new things, and will review it regularly to stay up to speed.

Got a nice hike/run in to clear my head and scout out a new (to me) trail. Super fun route up and over the Pitchoff Ridge and then up Cascade Pass. 🥾 📷

A digital map showing a highlighted hiking trail (in red) through green terrain, marked with a blue location tag labeled “Cascade Falls,” near a road labeled “State Hwy 73." A panoramic view from a mountain summit showing evergreen trees in the foreground, rolling hills in the mid-ground, and a dramatic cloudy sky above. A large, precariously balanced boulder stands among trees, resembling a giant stone pedestal in a forested setting. A vantage point atop a rocky hill overlooks a lush, green valley with a river winding through it, framed by steep forested slopes.

Uh, so I played a few rounds of Cut The Rope on — checks notes — YouTube, of all places, today. Anybody else seeing mini games pop up there yet?

🔗 Samsung mocks Apple’s iPad Pro ad; ‘Creativity cannot be crushed’ // Ben Schoon //

Now, Samsung has stepped in with an ad of its own, showing a musician walking through the aftermath of Apple’s hydraulic press and picking up a partially destroyed guitar. Then, sitting on an easel, is a Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra with musical notes, and the musician strums along.

I’ll freely admit that Apple’s ad lacked class. But so does piling onto someone when they’ve already apologized.

By the way, for folks using my Generate Alt Text with OpenAI Vision shortcut, you can update it to use the new gpt-4o model super easily by just changing the name of the model in this action:

A computer screen displays an instruction for creating alt text with OpenAI Vision software. Various setting options are visible on the right-hand side of the interface. The highlighted action in the image has the text gpt-4o as the model it should use.

It’s supposed to be faster and cheaper than the regular GPT-4 model, which is always nice! 🤖

It seems like every presenter thought they would be the one to announce that Gemini is going to 2 million tokens. It’s not as effective after the 4th time… #GoogleIO 🧵

It’s totally not the point, but it’s still exciting to see one of my blog posts on Federico Viticci’s Starred list in his (excellent) not-an-iPad-Pro-review. 👀

Screenshot zoomed in an iPad Home Screen with a starred list of articles including one of mine about Meta Ray-Bans and the Apple Watch.

‘Next iPad Mini Still Not Expected Before Late 2024 at the Earliest’

I can’t be the only one struggling to parse this MacRumors headline, right? 🙃

Too true.

Which brings me to today. My world is not as exciting as it once was. The technology that I love is now in a very different spot. It no longer sits idle until called upon like any other tool, it muscles its way into every corner of our lives. There is a lot to be excited about, but also a lot to be wary of.

🆕📝 Starting up PenPals with Justin Wong

One conversation ends, and the next begins. Justin and I got started with some introductions and discussed the pros of living in Florida or elsewhere with more distinct seasons, career changes, and eating habits.

🆕📝 Wrapping up being PenPals with Ratika

Ratika was my eighth PenPal so far, and she got me to stretch my writing style trying to keep up with her beautiful prose.

Funnily enough, the Apple Event has me reconsidering a new iPad at all. Maybe my 2020 iPad Pro gets passed to my wife, and I swap out for a MacBook Air/macOS instead (plus iPad mini). Two sticking points: (1) No cellular option (still!) on Mac, and (2) the MacBook Air config I’d want is $1900. 😳

I might be able to sneak in watching the ‘Let Loose’ #AppleEvent while working on my work’s newsletter. 🤫 This’ll be my hot takes thread. 🧵

🆕📝 10 Last-Minute Predictions for Apple’s ‘Let Loose’ Event

It's finally time for new iPads! Here's what I think we'll see.