😲 It’s me! I’m Barrod J on @HemisphericViews! 👋 🎧


Loving the love for the iPhone 13 mini on @HemisphericViews. It’s the best one.


📷🧗 Got over to Cloudspin Cliff with Matt Oaks and @saw_dust_ery last night. Cool cliff with awesome views of Whiteface. Led up Sundays are for Friends (5.8) not clean, but felt good to test a piece again. Then top roped CCR (5.10a) after Oakcy put up the rope in the dark. Incredible climb. Can’t wait to get back there.

Whiteface mountain at sunset

lol 😂 Instagram suggested creating this Reel. 📹

There’s something to @danielpunkass@mastodon.social’s framing here on @coreint. Maybe Musk did those of us who used to like Twitter a favor here… 🎧 overcast.fm/+KxFFPJjw…

Wow, I hadn’t even considered real-time ad generation for each individual internet surfer before. The internet ad network is about to get even more weird and creepy. dithering.fm 🎧

🎧 It’s shit like this that makes @connected@relayfm.social the most consistently great (ostensibly tech?) podcast on the web. The japes are unreal. 🤣 Keep it up, boys. 🙌 www.relay.fm/connected…

11% increase in Texas’s infant mortality rate from 2021 to 2022. 😳 11 percent. The wild thing is that I’m sure many Texans are perversely proud of that number. To those who are not, I am so sorry about them and for you. 😔 (Podcast link)

Between climate change-accelerating emissions, animal cruelty, deforestation, and water shortage, the reasons are stacking up for getting on board with lab grown (real) meat. Sign me up. overcast.fm/+eadfwR4d…

The @upgrade@relayfm.social boys are bringing the grins this morning. 😂 🧩 ⏯️

Ooh La La! This will be extra helpful in apps like Reader and Matter where I like to listen to articles but they can’t parse paywall items. Their Safari web view is logged in, though, so I’ll just bring up Safari Reader and listen to it that way instead. Thanks @viticci@mastodon.macstories.net! ⏯️

“This is the future of desktop computing.” Whoa. Ben is not mincing words here. That was the same feeling I got while watching the intro, and I’m thrilled to hear that’s coming across in the brief demos, too. ⏯️

Ben has a ton of experience with using VR setups for real work, and @gruber@mastodon.social is notoriously picky. Both approach things with a healthy amount of skepticism, so I was very much looking forward to their hands-on impressions. So far it sounds pretty pretty good! ⏯️

No Mow May was a success. I hope the bees and other pollinators enjoyed the head start in our yard this season. 📹

Just when you thought you had your ideas about todo lists all figured out, CGP Grey comes busting in to unlock a new thought technology! (Listen at timestamp) ⏯️

Alright @viticci@mastodon.macstories.net, you got a good snort out of me. That would have been something else! www.relay.fm/connected… ⏯️

Always fun to hear about places I know on a podcast. I used to drive through Oberlin to go to my camp. It’s an awesome little college town and if you’re there you’ve gotta visit The Feve and get their tater tots. Super cool news about this using sheep to manage the mowing under the solar array. ⏯️

I love my town. 🧡 📹

If you haven’t yet listened to All Consuming, let this be the toe that gets you in the door.

Felt a bit off today, but that didn’t stop me from onsighting ‘Bozeman Bullet’ (5.6). It’s so good, can’t wait to climb it again! (Also flashed ‘Space Cowboy’ (5.7), but no pics.) 📹

As far as I can remember, this is the first time I’ve been able to pay for and download an app directly from the banner on its website, rather than being sent over to the App Store first. Is this new? (Extension is Magic Highlighter, found via Daring Fireball)

Spring be flowin’ 📹

Climbing The El at Pitchoff Chimney Cliff with @luke_crack_walker 📹

Skiing today was fantastic! ⛷️🎥

And I just love finding these impossibly balanced rocks out in nature. They’re so neat! 📷

A giant bolder covered with snow and trees, balancing on a tiny bit of its underside.

🛎️🛎️🛎️ Another accurate premonition by @siracusa@mastodon.social a decade ahead. The M1 iMac is, indeed, striking. overcast.fm/+3EXotlYE…

It was extra interesting because later in the episode, John gets to bask in being right about predicting the Fusion Drive.