Whelp, got out guiding rock today, March 4th. What a strange, strange winter. Hard to say goodbye to ice season, but with a Red Rocks trip quickly approaching, it felt good to plug some gear and pull on rock. 🧗 📷

Two climbers are ascending a steep rock face with safety ropes, surrounded by pine trees and overlooking a mountainous landscape.

It’s my wonderful wife’s birthday and we celebrated doing all Jo’s favorite things! 🥳 Including a hunt for 30 balloons hidden throughout the house. Phin might have had the best time of all of us! 🐶🎈 📷

A person sits on the floor unpacking a box in a decorated living room. A balloon overhead reads “I Love You More Than Tacos!"

Had the best time summiting Algonquin and Wright Peaks with Jeanne and Jessie yesterday. Our stoke was as high as the wind speeds, which is to say “quite high”. And we met a furry friend! 📷

People with backpacks and trekking poles hike on a snowy forest trail. The sunlight filters through the trees, casting soft shadows on the snow. Two individuals are posing behind a cairn on a sunny, snow-covered mountain. They are dressed in vibrant cold-weather gear, with hiking equipment. A person in winter clothing and gear is resting on a snowy mountain slope with clear blue skies in the background. A brown marten stands on snow, looking towards the camera, surrounded by a snowy forest backdrop. Two hikers with large backpacks stand on a snowy trail, one smiling mid-motion; behind them is a signpost with text, in a wooded area. Signpost text: “High Peaks Wilderness Area Special Regulations apply in the High Peaks Wilderness Area”

Warm weather had the usual spot looking sketchy but we still found some ice for @adkiceclimbermeetup last night. Thursday nights, 6ish to 9ish at Pitchoff Quarry (or Pitchoff Right in this case). Keep 🤞 for ice regrowth in March! 📷

A person is ice climbing a steep frozen wall at night, secured by an orange rope, with darkness surrounding them. A person is ice climbing at night, illuminated by a headlamp, with an orange rope extending downward in a dark environment.

I don’t use omg.lol, but I continue to think that it’s one of the best deals on the internet. And today especially!

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You get an email, blog, mastodon instance, all sorts of stuff and @adam is great too prami

Mountainfest was a joy this weekend! So many quiet badasses here, ready and willing to share their knowledge. I feel so fortunate to live somewhere that an event like this exists to bring climbers and other outdoor adventurers together. 💪 📷

A person is ice climbing on a frozen waterfall amidst a snow-covered forest with mountainous terrain in the background. A climber ascends a vertical, frozen waterfall with ice axes, surrounded by snow-covered rocks and trees. A person is ice climbing a frozen slope while another person stands below on snow-covered ground, surrounded by a forest of bare trees. The climber is smiling and secured by ropes. Three individuals stand near a tall ice formation in a snowy, wooded area, with ice climbing equipment laid out in the foreground.

Incredible day in the high peaks to summit Wright Peak! Honestly, best conditions I’ve ever seen it with clear skies, minimal wind, and great trail. Hanging out with Hank and Madonna was an absolute delight! @highpeaksmountainguides 🏔️ 🥾 📷

Three hikers with poles navigate a snowy forest trail, surrounded by snow-laden trees in wintry daylight. A snowshoe-clad hiker stands amidst a snowy landscape with frost-covered trees, under a blue sky with wispy clouds and a subtle rainbow-like halo from sunlight. Three individuals standing atop a snowy mountain, smiling for a selfie, surrounded by a snow-covered landscape under a cloudy sky. A smiling person holding hiking poles stands next to a trail sign in a snowy forest. The sign reads “FOOT TRAIL → WHALES TAIL 5 WRIGHT PEAK 2.6 ALGONQUIN PEAK 2994'↑3.0."

🧗❄️ What an incredible first time over at Poke-O-Moonshine! Positive Thinking was taken, so we hopped on The Waterfall and Goat’s Foot. Both were astounding lines. Technique is slowly improving. Followed up both with no takes, but all the stoke. 📷

An orange climbing rope stretches up a steep, frozen waterfall with intricate ice formations, set against a forested backdrop. A person in a green helmet and sunglasses is taking a selfie in a snowy forested area with rocks partially covered in snow. A rock face adorned with large, cascading icicles set against a wintry, snow-covered ground, under a white, overcast sky. A person ice climbing a frozen waterfall with climbing ropes, against an overcast sky. A person in a green helmet appears in the foreground, taking a selfie with a backdrop of a striking ice-covered rocky cliffside.

T’was a bit brisk on my run this morning. 🥶 But loving the winter weather wonderland. 📷

The image shows a frost-covered window partially obscuring the view of a snowy landscape with trees, creating a frosted glass effect. This is a screenshot of a fitness tracking app, displaying exercise stats such as Moving Time, Avg Pace, Calories, and weather conditions highlighted as “-6°F, Feels like -18°F. Humidity 80%. Wind 5.1 mi/h from WSW."

Just thinking about how they’re rendering that interior image at all the correct angles and projecting it out to look natural no matter how you look at it is mind-boggling.

First new look at EyeSight for Vision Pro since June 2023?

From Apple's Vision Pro guided tour video.


⛷️ Waking up early, the chill, and effort to skin up to the top is easily worth it for the magical sunrise ski down on fresh runs. 📷

A panoramic snowy landscape with skiers descending a mountain slope, under a dramatic sky at dusk. Trees under snow cover with a background of illuminated clouds. Two people are taking a selfie in a snow-covered landscape; one in the foreground smiles broadly, and another slightly behind wears a headlamp. Trees and a mountain form the backdrop. Snow-draped trees stand under a sunset sky next to a ski lift mechanism, with mountains and clouds in the background, creating a serene winter landscape.

⛷️ Got Jo out on her skis in all this beautiful new snowfall. So fun! Then spent the day de-Christmas treeing the house and getting the place back in order after the holidays. 📷

A person is cross-country skiing on snow-covered ground, flanked by snow-laden evergreen trees. They are dressed in winter gear, including a blue jacket and red pants. A person cross-country skiing on a snowy track with trees and overcast sky in the background. A person cross-country skiing on a snow-covered trail flanked by snow-laden evergreen trees. They’re dressed warmly in a blue jacket and red pants.

I can’t help but notice good typography. 📷

An add-your-own-text sign that says “jingle bells, gizmo smells, Marley’s up the tree”.

I think that might’ve been nubble’s best performance yet. They bring together the best crowd with the best energy. Perfect end to one of the best days in a while. (And I loved the Avett Brothers cover — can’t wait to hear more!) 📷

A band is performing in a brick-walled bar with guitars on the wall; an audience member watches from the foreground. A man is carefully pulling a wooden block from a large, stacked Jenga tower in a casual indoor setting while a child, eating, watches in the background.

❄️ Big outdoor day with friends! Woke at the buttcrack of dawn to ski alllll the way up the mountain with Dan & Sarah (who hardly broke a sweat at my slow pace) and then back down on fresh runs. Then climbing adventures with Dan & Dakota on bullet-hard ice. Cherry on top was the hot tub dip after. 📷

Two skiers are taking a selfie on a snowy slope with snow-covered trees in the background. The forefront skier is partly visible, holding the camera. A person in the foreground takes a selfie while another skier stands in the snowy background, both on a misty mountain slope. A lone skier descends a snowy slope amidst trees, with visibility limited by a hazy, blue-tinted atmosphere, implying overcast or snowy weather conditions. A climber ascends a frozen waterfall, secured by ropes, while two others watch. They are equipped with climbing gear in a snowy, icy environment.

The absolute values don’t ultimately matter, but it is very cool to see the trend over time coincide with the effort put in.

Bar graph showing a few large spikes, but generally larger values over time from June 2023 to now.

Man, I thought Drafts made it easy to blast off posts at the speed of thought. But I have to admit that MarsEdit’s micropost window is unrivaled on the Mac.

Hotkeys for launching and posting, and now it even has image support (with alt text!). This is dangerous.

MarsEdit micropost window containing the text of this very post.

I haven’t seen this beauty since at least October! 😮‍💨

Cartoon kayak heading toward a mountain on the horizon with the tagline, “You’ve achieved Inbox zero!”

Not sure if this is useful, but it is at least interesting (to me): You can view the contents of your clipboard on macOS by going to Finder → Edit → Show Clipboard

(Via macmost.com)

Window on macOS with the text of a URL displayed and a status bar indicating the clipboard contents are text.

Whoa. The ‘Download Template…’ feature of @danielpunkass’s MarsEdit is wild. Within a few seconds, it made a temporary post to my blog and used it to download the CSS. Now post previews look exactly like they will online. With a MarsEdit for iOS, so many of my blogging nitpicks would be solved. 🤞

A recent chilly excursion to Avalanche Lake. ❄️ 📷

A snow-covered stream meanders through a dense, snowy forest under a clear sky. A snowy trail leads through a dense coniferous forest towards a mountain; the trees are heavily laden with snow under a bright blue sky.

Oh how I wish I could order a few of these, they look so good! 🤩

The t-shirt bay at Apple Park Visitor Center. Shirts are offered in white and black across a variety of designs.

In December, Apple Park Visitor Center launched a new range of white and black t-shirts inspired by vintage Apple designs. Some popular picks from previous seasons have also returned. My two favorites, “Hello Screen” and “Macintosh Drawing,” taken from the Macintosh 128k box, seem fitting for the Mac’s upcoming 40th anniversary. It’s my understanding that, for a few more weeks, these same shirts are also available at Apple Infinite Loop.

Thanks to @maique I remembered Indie App Santa is a thing that exists this time of year!

🎅🏼 Christmas is in the past now, but #indieAppSanta keeps going. Today’s app is a nice one…

If you need countdown (or up) widgets, that also work on your Apple Watch, and come in a few cool designs, you might like this. Lifetime unlock free today.

An iOS widget counting smoke free time.

Countdown - Pretty Progress

Ugly!? These are just gorgeous.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Wallpapers 🎄🎅🏻

The sky from the other evening was unreal. I can’t get enough of imposing cloud shapes. 📷

Winter city scene with large clouds behind some houses with the last rays of sun poking out behind them.