Big props to Lucas on crushing the lead of Roaches on the Wall (5.10) last night. Made it look easy, which it is not! It’ll be a few seasons before I’m ready to lead that, but his stoke on the send will keep me inspired to continue at it. 📷

Flash photo of climber at the top of a cliff at night.

🧗 Led up this gem today with Gerry! The Disputed (5.8) is the hardest trad lead I’ve done since injuring my finger and, not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of working through this onsight! (And I was treated to another beautiful sunset on the ride home. Autumn is just the best.) 📷

Looking down a steep mountain cliff with a bearded man climbing up it looking at the camera.

Looking out over a lake and trees with an orangey red sunset.

Hopped up Empress → Greensleeves (5.6) at Chapel Pond Slab today with the great @saw_dust_ery. Always fun to get up on tops of things! And was treated to a gorgeous sunset on the drive home. 📷

The buildup of entire little worlds on the forest floor fascinates me.

Which is taller? Distance can abstract height.

Moving day 🥲 🙂 📷

Looks like we’re gonna be New Yorkers for a bit…we bought our own piece of the Adirondacks! 😁 📷

Big bro, little bro. But which is which? 📷

Uhh…just checked in on Reddark and over half of the subreddits have now gone private in protest of Reddit’s API decisions. This got way bigger than I expected and I’m very curious about how (if?) Reddit will respond.

Screenshot of showing 3600 out of 6623 subreddits currently dark.

Whoa, imagine a modern operating system update coming in under 30 MB. A majority of my apps have bigger file sizes than this.

CleanShot 2022 05 19 at 19 30 25

I’m weirdly getting an error page when trying to access Instagram on my Mac in Safari. It made me think that’s access had been cut off, but, no, it’s browser-wide even going to the base domain. FireFox login worked just fine. 🤷‍♂️

Error page on saying, "Sorry, this page isn't available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram."

New office addition 🥰 📷

A Grid Studio frame containing a disassembled iPhone 4 hanging on the wall.

Did macOS lose the animated Memoji option on the lock/login screen? My little guy used to shake his head at me when I typed my password wrong, and be overall more fun to interact with. If not, how do I turn that back on??

Apple weighs in on the “mice” versus “mouses” debate.

A screenshot from that reads "Mice & Keyboards"

Oh hey, look what just came in! Nothing too impressive, but I felt compelled to complete this challenge in my new hometown. Next up, the 46ers! 📷

Amazing day to be out on a big multi-pitch rock climb. It was my first time running up the Chapel Pond Slab on the Regular Route (5.6) with @saw_dust_ery. Big rock! 📷

I had such a good day! It was beautiful out. I had an excellent hiking client and took them on a really fun trail (Three Brothers). Got a long-overdue haircut. Got back on some rock after a couple of weeks off from climbing. Great Ahi Stack dinner. AND I’m going to bed early. 😁 📷

Mountain range from afar covered in green foliage.

Got in a bunch of rope work practice yesterday! Did my first rope solo on rock(!), rappelled using saddlebags method, and tried out hauling using a 3:1 pulley system. Success on all fronts! Practice makes better. 📷

Cam cleaning day can only mean one thing…rock season is right around the corner!! 📷

Secure? #mbmar 01 📷

And just like that, I can no longer say, “I’ve never backcountry skied before.” In other words, I’m now a backcountry skier! ⛷️📷

Sometimes at night, when the ice absolutely glows 📷

More ice 📷

Been climbing some ice 📷

New do, who dis? 📷