Having a front row seat to @gruber@mastodon.social’s live The Talk Show with the Theater app on Vision Pro is pretty fantastic. After just a few minutes, it’s easy to forget that I’m across the country on my couch. It’s very cool!

Front row view of three men sitting on stage.

I hardly ever do titled posts on Micro.blog, so I find myself befuddled on how to add a title to a post that’s fewer than 300 characters long. I surely don’t need to add filler text just to reveal the title field (and then delete the filler), right? cc: @manton

Screenshot of Micro.blog's post writing interface with no Title field in sight, despite all the options to show more things selected.

Finally got @adk_traplordz out on some rock 👊 Regular Route, Chapel Pond Slab 📷

A rope stretches down a steep rock face overlooking a dense green forest. A rope stretches up a steep rock face under a clear blue sky with green foliage at the edges. A climber with safety gear ascends a steep rock face beside a tree with emerging leaves in a bright natural setting. Climber ascending a steep rock face with forested hills in the background under a clear sky. A scenic mountain landscape with a deep blue lake surrounded by dense greenery under a clear blue sky with white clouds. A rope dangles over a rock face with shrubs against a blue sky with clouds.

Got a nice hike/run in to clear my head and scout out a new (to me) trail. Super fun route up and over the Pitchoff Ridge and then up Cascade Pass. 🥾 📷

A digital map showing a highlighted hiking trail (in red) through green terrain, marked with a blue location tag labeled “Cascade Falls,” near a road labeled “State Hwy 73." A panoramic view from a mountain summit showing evergreen trees in the foreground, rolling hills in the mid-ground, and a dramatic cloudy sky above. A large, precariously balanced boulder stands among trees, resembling a giant stone pedestal in a forested setting. A vantage point atop a rocky hill overlooks a lush, green valley with a river winding through it, framed by steep forested slopes.

📷 #mbApr Day +2 (32)

Ollivander is the quintessential unputdownable critter.

A smiling person is holding a large, fluffy gray cat over their shoulder, indoors, with home decor in the background.

📷 #mbApr Day +1

Kinda like a massive structural bubble.

A large whimsical building screen on the Sphere in Las Vegas depicts eyes, set against a clear sky with active city streets and vehicles below.

📷 #mbApr Day 30

When I think of my hometown it’s this image of the local theater along our red brick Main Street that comes to mind. (Image credit: Billy Strings)

Neon-lit theater marquee at night reads “IONIA THEATRE” with “WELCOME HOME BILLY STRINGS” on a lower sign, flanked by street lights and a pedestrian sidewalk.

📷 #mbApr Day 29

Can’t wait to drift back down this river. Soon enough!

Person kayaking on a calm river, with lush green trees lining the banks under a blue sky with clouds.

📷 #mbApr Day 28

Gathering for totality felt like being a member of the community of Earth as much as our local town.

Two people are smiling for a selfie in a sunny park with other people relaxing on the grass, against a backdrop of buildings and trees.

📷 #mbApr Day 27

Surprise! Upon reaching the summit, we popped above the clouds and were gifted with incredible sun rays.

Skiers and snowboarders descend a snowy slope, with a bright sun above and dense clouds parting in a mountainous setting.

📷 #mbApr Day 26

Little Pine Marten critter was SO CUTE! 😍

A rust-red and white mustelid prowls through snowy terrain near green conifer branches.

📷 #mbApr Day 25

Star spine.

A small turtle with a glittery star on its shell is traversing a plain off-white surface, surrounded by indistinct office items.

📷 #mbApr Day 24

Goodbye light.

A moonrise over mountainous terrain with faint city lights in the distance under a dusky sky.

📷 #mbApr Day 23


Vivid orange clouds at sunset over a calm sea with a silhouette of a boat and shoreline vegetation in a serene setting.

📷 #mbApr Day 22

Many blues.

A tranquil lake with gentle ripples, surrounded by forested hills under a clear blue sky, flanked by a wooden dock and part of a building on the right.

📷 #mbApr Day 21

Improbable mountain.

Desert vegetation dominates the foreground with rugged mountains rising in the distance under a clear blue sky.

📷 #mbApr Day 20

Climbing ice at night. Probably not something our ancestors predicted we’d do with our free time. 😅

A figure in climbing gear is mid-climb up a dark, blue-tinged ice column.

📷 #mbApr Day 19

A birthday cake, what else?

A birthday cake with lit candles spells “HAPPY BIRTHDAY,” adorned with sprinkles, on a kitchen counter.

I wish I were as good at social media as @BasicAppleGuy@mastodon.social. A+ 👍👍 Certified Very Good Tweet™

An iPod, a Phone, an Internet Communicator, and a NES, SNES, N64, GBA, DS emulator.

An iPod, a Phone... are you getting it?!

📷 #mbApr Day 18

Night mode mountain was a real mood.

A mountain peak under a starlit sky, surrounded by desert vegetation. It’s night-time with the landscape subtly illuminated.

First Baker climbs of the year. Love this crag, and loved introducing Brendan to it. 📷

Person rock climbing, ascending a vertical rock face with safety harness and rope, surrounded by trees and clear sky above. A person rock climbing up a steep, rocky cliff face, with a rope attached for safety, set against a backdrop of a clear blue sky with sparse branches.

📷 #mbApr Day 17

The clouds flaunted their transcendence without a care in the world.

A distinct ring of white cloud hangs in a clear blue sky, amidst whispy clouds, above treetops.

📷 #mbApr Day 16

If a flâneur is one who doesn’t do much but observe those around them, then these two are the best there ever was.

A grey cat and a golden retriever lying together, looking relaxed indoors, possibly on a couch or bed.

📷 #mbApr Day 15

These veins may be small, but they are bringers of life.

A close-up of a vibrant green leaf with visible veins and a slightly glossy texture against a blurred background.

📷 #mbApr Day 14


A large, dense cholla cactus dominates the foreground, with rocky desert cliffs and sparse vegetation under a blue sky with contrails in the background.