I’d really prefer for my header menu to not have this weird in-between phase where the items make a second row.

Narrow window with 6 menu items on two rows.

If the window is too narrow for them to be on one row, I just want it to collapse into this hamburger dropdown. Any CSS magicians out there who can help me out?

Narrow window with 6 items in a dropdown menu.

There’s something to @danielpunkass@mastodon.social’s framing here on @coreint. Maybe Musk did those of us who used to like Twitter a favor here… 🎧 overcast.fm/+KxFFPJjw…

Wow, I hadn’t even considered real-time ad generation for each individual internet surfer before. The internet ad network is about to get even more weird and creepy. dithering.fm 🎧

Did anyone else notice in the @atpfm@mastodon.social theme song this week where the contraction of “…and if you’re into Twitter, you can follow them…” changed from “you are” to “you were”? It was subtle, but I could tell. 😉

🎧 It’s shit like this that makes @connected@relayfm.social the most consistently great (ostensibly tech?) podcast on the web. The japes are unreal. 🤣 Keep it up, boys. 🙌 www.relay.fm/connected…

🆕📝 “Reading” the Web Could Get Way More Intimate With Personal Voice

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this idea before, so I’m laying it all out here so it’s documented somewhere on this everlasting internet.

Does anyone else get a strange visceral satisfaction from using something up? The last bit of orange juice from the bottle. The final squirt of toothpaste from the tube. The last few noodles of macaroni from the box. There’s something pleasing about being able to get rid of the container.

🍿 Just watched: Oppenheimer ★★★★

It’s a far cry from The Dark Knight or Inception, but boy does Nolan know how to make a movie. I was riveted through the whole three-hour trial-that-wasn’t-a-trial.

I’m continually amazed by what humans can make, and what they can do to each other.

🆕📝 Shortcuts Tips: Use One-Action ‘Run Shortcut’ Shortcuts to Create Alternative Launch Phrases and to Build the Widgets You Want

How I get around some silly Shortcuts limitations.

🆕📝 Yet Another Opinion on X

🆕📝 Instapaper Has Reentered the Ring

My quest for the best read-later app continues…

Holy smokes, how come no one told me Avril Lavine’s new album last year was full of bangers? 🤘🎵

🆕📝 Threads Graduates to Being a Social Network Where You Can Actually, You Know, Follow People

Hey, I might actually check Threads every day again!

🆕📝 Joshua Benton: ‘If other media companies thought about brand equity the way Elon Musk thinks about Twitter’s (er, X’s)’

Gotta read to the end.

🆕📝 Ars Technica: ‘Fed’s new instant payment system could be trouble for PayPal, Venmo’

I’m hoping that more competition from the top will push these services to offer even better rewards and features as they vie, literally, for our money.

🆕📝 7 Things This Week [#104]

I just released version 1.3 of the ‘Time Saved With Overcast’ shortcut! Get it here from the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library.

Ever wonder how many hours Overcast’s Smart Speed has saved you over time? This shortcut’ll help to track it. I’ve updated it with a new setup flow and checked OS compatibility.

Damn, navigating iPadOS with a mouse is so good! macOS + iPadOS with Universal Control is a powerhouse.

11% increase in Texas’s infant mortality rate from 2021 to 2022. 😳 11 percent. The wild thing is that I’m sure many Texans are perversely proud of that number. To those who are not, I am so sorry about them and for you. 😔 (Podcast link)

Has anyone else with a Peak Design Everyday Case for their iPhone mini noticed that the power button gets pressed unintentionally all the time? Thought I got a dud so I bought a second one, but no. The volume buttons are perfect, but the side button seems like it’s sized wrong. 😑

I’ve been Doing Too Much With Computers™ lately. Tendinitis in my mouse arm and swiping wrist is setting in. Gotta get outside more.

🆕📝 Letters with Jason, July 2023 [#2]

Chatting about pets, positions at work, and bringing a unique perspective to one’s site.

When you’re on hold and the music cuts out and you’re sure that someone is finally picking up…but it’s just the music loop starting again. And again. 🙄

So today I guided some clients from a large corporation on a hike. I ended up in the back, hanging with someone who wasn’t quite as fast as the others. Turns out this was, at age 65, her very first hike and, indeed, her first notable time in a forest. I was honored to summit the mountain with her. ⛰️

🆕📝 Alan Dye was interviewed on ‘Design Matters’, and it reminded me that he’s just a person

Engaging interview from start to finish. Although it doesn’t offer much “special insight” into Apple as one might hope (they never do), I left feeling like I knew Alan and his design process better.