Working moves on Roaches tonight. Devilishly tricky crux, and the top out remains thoughtful. 🧗 📷

Person climbing rock face wearing a green helmet and blue shirt looking at camera cliff edge with trees and a road in the background

Guides’ day off with @andrew_jarvis05 at Poke-O-Moonshine. We snagged a couple of fun onsights in perfect weather (The Sting, 5.8+ for me). Thanks for showing me around, can’t wait to go back! 📷

Climber scaling a vertical rock face in a forested area with dense green foliage and rocky ground below

Climber scaling a steep rock face attaching gear to a rope in a lush, green forest setting below.

A climber wearing a helmet and safety gear ascends a steep rock face while gripping holds and using a rope gripped between their teeth in a forested area with green foliage below.

A rock climber ascends a vertical rock face gripping it tightly wearing protective gear surrounded by a forested area with visible green trees and rocky ground beneath them

Climber ascends a steep rock face gripping a handhold wearing safety gear including a helmet and harness in a forested area.

Climber ascends a steep rock face secured by a rope against a backdrop of a clear blue sky with wispy clouds.

Climber ascending a steep rock face with safety ropes against a clear blue sky with scattered clouds.

It tickles me that I often learn country-shaking news first from That Gay Guy Candle Company. The assassination attempt on Trump, and now Biden’s endorsement of Kamala Harris are two of the most recent that I discovered from TGGCC in my email inbox. (Their store is chock full of great designs, btw.)

Email with the subject Kamala Harris 2024 from That Gay Guy Candle Co. includes text endorsing Harris for the election.

🔗 Google solves its Pixel 9 Pro leaks by just showing the phone early // Jay Peters //

Google has revealed the Pixel 9 Pro following a series of leaks that revealed the phone in great detail, including hands-on videos and comparisons to other recent devices.

A smartphone camera module with three lenses and a flash is mounted on the upper-left corner of a sleek metallic phone against a dark background.

Image credit: Google

I’ve been a fan of the Pixel’s camera bar design for years, but this just looks all wrong. Weird proportions, and it really should be a round-rect.

On the plus side, if Google’s design looks this bad now, I think it opens the door for Apple to do a better version without it being a rip-off. 🙏

🔗 Everybody’s Free (To Write Websites) — Sara Joy

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your site. The most interesting websites don’t even have an introduction, never mind any blog posts. Some of the most interesting web sites I enjoy just are.

What fun! Sara’s excellent blog post is further enhanced by Robb’s and Keenan’s video/voiceover shenanigans. Love it. 🧡

🆕📝 Jeff Perry: ‘It is time to slow down’

For the biggest news event in a while, my old habits had been broken without me even realizing.

A couple of injuries have set me back this summer, and have served as a cruel reminder about how dependent my line of work is on me being strong and healthy. It’s got me bummin’.

📺 As far as sci-fi “what if” series go, Dark Matter is way up there with Severence in my opinion. I’m a couple episodes from the end and simply riveted.

I don’t mention it often, but I do have some fun (I think, you decide) t-shirts for sale. You can get free shipping on them today with code HBDCB11!

Various T-shirts and phone cases displayed in a grid layout. Each item has its own design or text.

A Wi-Fi network I saw at work yesterday. 😂

A computer screen showing a list of Wi-Fi networks, one named “hurry up rothfuss” is highlighted with a red arrow. It’s 8:58 AM on 7/3/2024.

I’ve never seen this data detector before. On iOS 17 it recognized I was being asked for a photo, so clicking on “picture” opens the photo picker. Nice!

🍿 Just watched: Flora and Son on Apple TV+

Movie poster showing a profile of a woman juxtaposed with pink silhouette. Review for Flora and Son (2023 - directed by John Carney) It’s hard to say what exactly I thought about this movie. Some parts were tough to watch. The ending resolved a little too easily. Loved the description of music throughout. Characters were overall quite believable. I liked seeing a parent nurture their kid’s interest without judgement (even if they were kind of shit at the rest of parenting). One thumb up.

🍿 Just watched: Sharper on Apple TV+

Review for Sharper (2023, directed by Benjamin Caron) movie: Hey, so it turns out this movie is pretty darn good. Great acting, compelling characters, intriguing storyline. Had no idea it was an A24 film until I gave it a shot tonight. Perfect? No. But if you like twists and turns, this one’s for you. Loved it!

🔗 Straight Old White Guy’s Guide to Talking About Race, Abortion, Feminism and LGBT issues | Living Out Loud // Lou Plummer //

Do your imperfect best every day to learn about other people’s struggles. Listen to your friends who are POC or LGBT. Listen to your mom, wife, daughter and female co-workers. Try to put yourself in spaces where you can grow your understanding. Making a better world starts with you because it is an inside job.

Clever title; important message.

You know that sinking feeling you get when you know something bad is about to happen?

Supreme Court Rules That Presidents Have Absolute Immunity for “Core Constitutional Powers”

From Justice Sotomayor’s dissent:

Let the President violate the law, let him exploit the trappings of his office for personal gain, let him use his official power for evil ends. Because if he knew that he may one day face liability for breaking the law, he might not be as bold and fearless as we would like him to be. That is the majority’s message today.

Even if these nightmare scenarios never play out, and I pray they never do, the damage has been done. The relationship between the President and the people he serves has shifted irrevocably. In every use of official power, the President is now a king above the law.


🔗 I am adamantly opposed to urgency // Annie Mueller //

I need to shower, start laundry, do chores, start work, get the day moving forward. Where is the pause button? I’m competent and I can do so much but I don’t want so much to do. I want to sit here longer, to move unhurried, to glide, to breathe, to be ordered but not scheduled, to release into reverie, to let my mind wander, my shoulders loosen, my being melt and flow with curiosity, delight, warmth, ease.

Preach it, Annie.

This is fun!…

🆕📝 7 Things This Week [#147]

A return to your regularly-scheduled links. 🙂

Apple chose all my favorite iPhone models for their repair timeline!

Timeline depicts the evolution of iPhone models from 2007 to 2023, highlighting repairability features with labeled images of the iPhone (1st generation), iPhone 4, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone 13, and iPhone 15.

Whoop whoop! Some notable improvements coming for the Meta Ray-Bans. 3x longer videos (1 minute was just too short), and smoother conversations with the AI about what it can see. 😎

🆕📝 Crashing Clockwise #560: ‘I Don’t Like It When I’m Disappointed’

Jumping into Clockwise, "the tech podcast that uses half an hourglass for timekeeping", with my own answers and opinions that no one asked for.

I love release notes that make me chuckle. 🤭

A Strava app update prompt shows an orange icon and describes the new ‘dark mode’ feature, encouraging users to switch for eye comfort. Text reads: “Strava: Run, Bike, Hike Today It’s been 84 years, but dark mode is finally here. Switch your Strava app to a dark color scheme and embrace the dark side. Your eyeballs will thank you.

If this whole gross spectrum of behavior seems familiar to you, it’s probably because AI shares a certain DNA with crypto, NFTs, and the blockchain in that they are all trendy, usually touted by people you wouldn’t want to be stuck in an elevator with and, in a weird coincidence, all happen to drive up both Nvidia’s stock price and worldwide temperature averages. The Macalope doesn’t consider himself someone prone to conspiracy theories, but he would not be surprised to find out years from now that Nvidia has been running a powerful psychological ops campaign that dreams up technologies that require its boards to run and then convince venture capital firms to invest in them.

Great writing. 🤣

🔗 AI is a mess and Apple is here to clean it up // The Macalope //

📺 Finished watching: Sugar (2024) on Apple TV+

Goodness, Colin Farrell nailed his role here. Enthralling from start to end. And the twists kept things interesting. Great addition to the ATV+ lineup, and I’m hoping for a second season.

Half-drunk now. AMA 😉