Finished reading: The Narrow Road Between Desires by Patrick Rothfuss 📚

Pat’s writing envelopes my mind like a warm embrace. The prose is so unique. I really enjoyed this small story about Bast, and the ‘Author’s Note’ bit at the end nearly as much.

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That’s it. Nine steps to audiobook freedom. Also, shoutout to for being cool and a not-so-friendly “sup?” to those annoying publisher restrictions. Who needs borders on stories, anyway?

Bookmarking this for later use. 📚 🎧

‼️📚 A new Kingkiller Chronicle! It’s not the ever-elusive Book 3, but it’s sure to whet the appetite. The Narrow Road Between Desires:

From dawn to midnight over the course of a single day, follow the Kingkiller Chronicle’s most charming fae as he schemes and sneaks, dancing into trouble and back out again with uncanny grace.

The Narrow Road Between Desires is Bast’s story. In it he traces the old ways of making and breaking, following his heart even when doing so goes against his better judgement.

After all, what good is caution if it keeps him from danger and delight?

Oooh! Look what just arrived! I’m in for some light reading! 📚🧗

Three books on the counter, including the American Alpine Journal 2023, the guidebook number 11, and accidents in North America climbing 2023 all from the American Alpine club

Finished reading (again): Piranesi by Susanna Clarke 📚

Just as excellent on the second read through. This is one that sits with you, like a river-smoothed stone you can’t help but continue to turn over in your pocket.

Finished reading: Indie Microblogging by Manton Reece ★★★★ 📚

Wow, @manton really did a nice job laying out the history and building blocks of the web, and how they influenced his design and passion for This book made me want to blog more. 😁

Finished reading: Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose 📚 ★★★★

I saw this movie years ago, but never read the screenplay until now. It’s a fascinating look into how a jury’s deliberation should work. I so appreciated Juror 8’s calm determination to examine the facts as they had been presented, and consider the question “Do I have reasonable doubt?” It’s hard to imagine I could stay that collected in such a situation, though I like to think I would.

The movie is going back on my to-watch list.

Currently reading: Indie Microblogging by Manton Reece 📚

Currently reading: Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose 📚

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #12: Sons of Destiny by Darren Shan 📚 ★★★☆ (Back to rating things with four stars, that way I can’t sit on the fence.)

Although nearly half the book was all explanation instead of action, I’m impressed with how the author pulled the pieces of the saga together. It betrays the telltale signs of a well-considered arc, which I appreciate.

Although this will likely be the last time I revisit the Cirque du Freak series, I’m glad I reread it. It was fun to sink back into the imagination of my youth. Overall, it’s got good, varied characters and a compelling story. And the Darren-Shan-as-both-author-and-protagonist schtick is a creative twist. 👏

Currently reading: Cirque Du Freak #12: Sons of Destiny by Darren Shan 📚

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #11: Lord of the Shadows by Darren Shan 📚 ★★★☆

I expected more out of this book, which really only boiled down to three or four pivotal scenes. And it seemed like Darren was avoiding responsibility for many of his actions, which grew tiresome. Too much of, “I wanted to do this, but this part of me wouldn’t let me do it.”

It’s saving grace was the big reveal at the end, and refusal to shy away from heinous acts in what could have ostensibly be considered a children’s book.

(By the way, I think I’m simplifying to a three star rating system.)

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #10: The Lake of Souls by Darren Shan 📚 ★★☆☆

So much tedium and travel. Very Lord of the Rings-esque in its (unnecessary?) detail. But a good payoff at the end!

Finished reading: Rock Climbing Anchors: A Comprehensive Guide (The Mountaineers Outdoor Experts Series) by Craig Luebben 📚 ★★★★

Finished reading: Artemis: A Novel by Andy Weir 📚 ★★★☆

Finished reading: Piranesi by Susanna Clarke 📚 ★★★★

Strange and wonderful, this book captured my imagination as thoroughly as a labyrinth. Piranesi’s goodness and awe brought me joy.

The idea of multiple minds sharing the same body seems to be all the rage lately, but it’s also oddly comforting. One can be whomever they choose – without losing who they were before – they just need to think it.

I think this won’t be the only time I read Piranesi.

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #9: Killers Of The Dawn by Darren Shan 📚 ★★★★

Finished reading: The Trad Climber’s Bible by John Long 📚 ★★★★

When I purchased this book, I thought it would be a classic how-to book full of anchoring and climbing techniques, diagrams, and tips. I was right that it was chock full of suggestions, but completely wrong thinking it would be anything but a “for dummies” type guide.

Legends John Long and Peter Croft use an interesting way of weaving best practices into anecdotes of when these two old-school climbers had to learn them for themselves back when they were pioneering great climbs in North America. I’m so glad that I started with this book in my re-entrance to trad. It reminded me that everyone starts at the beginning, and that’s okay.

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #8: Allies of the Night by Darren Shan 📚 ★★★★

Wow, I’d forgotten how much happens in this book! A return of so many old characters, plus love and betrayal? This is a good one. A little odd how much the trio gives in to the trap they’re clearly in, but hey, gotta keep it dramatic, right? We’re right at the edge of what I remember from my original read-through of the series, so the next few books should be a blast.

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #7: Hunters of the Dusk by Darren Shan 📚 ★★★★

The time jumps in these books get me a little bit because it doesn’t seem like Darren matures (internally, not externally) as much as he should. But the author does a good job getting us up to speed and onto the next adventure quickly. I enjoyed the return to the Cirque, however short-lived, though the crux battle and reveal of the book really happens in a flash.

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #6: The Vampire Prince by Darren Shan 📚 ★★★★

Darren’s maturity in his attitude toward death and murder stuck out most to me in this book. He returns the prodigal son when he exposes the Vampaneeze, but there are consequences — dire ones. Darren finally becomes more self-dependent here, too. After all the action in the last book, The Vampire Prince sets us up for the next stage in Darren Shan’s story.

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #5: Trials of Death: Book 5 in the Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan 📚 ★★★★

The action really picks up here in Book 5! We see Darren with a thirst to prove himself and then have to hold his own in the Trials. I enjoyed the background and traditions during the festival and how Harkat became a more well-rounded character. The ending leaves me hungry for more and to see how Darren will fare beaten, betrayed, and on his own.

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #4: Vampire Mountain by Darren Shan 📚★★★☆

This felt like a setup book, with Darren getting to know more about vampire culture than ever before. The time jump (8 years!) was a little jarring, and though Darren doesn’t seem that much more mature, I appreciated the development of trust between him and Mr. Crepsely. As I recall, with things established nicely in this book, the story gets more exciting in the next ones.

Finished reading: Cirque Du Freak #3: Tunnels of Blood by Darren Shan 📚 ★★★☆

On this re-read, I was struck by how enthralled I get in the story, despite it being written for teens and already knowing the plot. In this installment, Darren learns of the Vampaneeze, explores his boundaries for interacting with humans, and his relationship with Mr. Crepsley is tested in new ways.

I liked it, but it’s short and doesn’t push the overall story forward too much. I rate it 3 stars not because it was bad writing, but because it feels like it served as an explainer book more than anything.