The fediverse is getting a bit messy for me over in No fault of the platform, but when people have and use both a MB account and a Mastodon one (or now Threads), I have to follow them all to not miss their replies to other people. And when they crosspost, I see everything twice. 😑

I’m not opposed to people using both, but it’d be better (for me) if they chose a primary place from which they do all their interactions. And if they told people which account they should follow/mention.

(By the way, I’m a proponent for the option in to limit what you see on the timeline to people’s original posts and their replies only to accounts that you follow. It cuts way down on the busy-ness of the timeline. 👍 But I do want to see all the replies to and from my online friends, which is tricky when they have multiple accounts.)