Since the Vision Pro was announced in June, I’ve been dutifully stashing away any tips I’ve made from guiding, plus proceeds from selling off stuff and Shortcuts commissions. Today, my savings tracker shortcut returned negative numbers, so I had to update it to account for that surprise. 😁

An iPad alert saying, “Try not to cry. You must save… $-0.8 per day, $-6.77 per week, or $-27.08 per month until Jan 1, 2024 to purchase the Vision Pro."

An iPhone alert saying “Huzzah and well done! You’ve saved up enough to purchase the Vision Pro on launch day! You’ve saved $3806 out of the $3778.92 you need. Now you’ve got $27.08 to put toward upgrades, accessories, or AppleCare+. Make sure to keep it somewhere safe. Apple Card Savings has a pretty good interest rate."