@crossingthethreshold Also, good idea publishing from Tot. Another use for that little text box.

@crossingthethreshold Success! 🙌

@matt Split Diopter! Did you alert @tvaziri!?

@kev No kidding

@jsonbecker I started listening to The Name of the Wind again a few days ago.

@mako It’s @matt’s excellent quickreviews.app site.

@pratik Lol no. But if I could, I probably would.

@Mtt 🥳

@Mtt I’d probably go with the Readwise to Obsidian plugin too. More automatic and full-featured. Plus, text files!

@dmoren *sad trombo

@dmoren @kevquirk had this issue and was able to solve it. Maybe his blog post will be of some help!

@gluon Thanks for making and supporting it. It’ll be missed.

@snazzyq @gruber Sorry if I’m late to the game here, but @agiletortoise’s Simple Scan sounds like just what you want in a scanning app. You can create quick actions to send scans anywhere, including Photos, or the Share Sheet for more options.

@jsonbecker Aw, gee, thanks!

@keenan I’ll be honest, any time someone mentions Rocket League all I can think is Rocket Power, and I think that would be a really fun game.

@keenan it’s got a good hit rate 🤘

@Mtt I’m still on Reeder. Love it.

@Mtt It's something about how Drafts passes things into the shortcut. Even when it's blank, I think it tries to pass blank text to the shortcut, which isn't compatible with the Uploader.

@Mtt Yup, you got it!

@Mtt I've found running shortcuts via Drafts actions to be tricky. In fact, I made a specific action and helper shortcut to get it to work. Maybe try those?

@Annie yes please

@gregmorris Very nice

@pratik What’s brown and sticky?

@Mtt Lolz

@pratik Ye of little faith