@martinfeld Very much so. Great job in coaxing it out of him.

@viticci Congratulations and thank you 🙌

@martinfeld Oh man, can’t wait to listen! Congrats on getting such a notable guest!

@rsilvernail Welcome buddy! Nice pic.

@quiddle Hocking Hills, such a cool place!

@robb Such an awesome idea.

@BasicAppleGuy Now those are some killer colors!

@numericcitizen i’m rooting for you 

@manton 👀

@alexcox 😭

@matt I’ve been trying it out too, and keep thinking how nice it would be to have the default action as a Double Tap. But the whole thing feels like magic!

@numericcitizen They’ve been doing it for a few years now, but perhaps only through the Apple Store app. It’s gotten better and more convenient over time.

@danielpunkass Sweet. Bookmarked!

@danielpunkass Commerce-rate? Good for individuals to sporadically ship too?

@lexfri Haha, I caught that too.

@rafa This guy!

@dan Hot damn, that brings me back. I had that same one. I still don’t understand how it worked. 😅

@numericcitizen Oh cool! Mine looks super different from that so I didn’t recognize it.

@numericcitizen Which app is this screenshot? Are you using two podcast apps?

@robb Really just the best.

@vincent 🤞

@cabel 😬 oh no

@hotdogsladies 🧡

@vincent I’ve lost the thread. Did you switch to Paddle, or did they figure their shit out?

@matt Wow, that looks gorgeous 😍