I’m feeling like it’s a “lose yourself in fun, upbeat music” sort of night. Send your best recommendations! 🎵

🎵 I’m a day late, but happy ‘New Lauv Single Day! to those who celebrate!


🎵 The new Maggie Rogers album rules. Listened all the way through twice today! I get Sara Bareilles vibes from this one if you’re into that.

🎵 I just heard this song in our shop and looked around to see who was watching the Vision Pro ad. It was just the song playing on the radio.

She asked if I liked Friends, I guess that that was the test

I said, “Hell yeah, and Phoebe’s the fuckin' best”

🎵 I’ve heard this song god knows how many times and only just now did these lyrics click. I snorted loud enough to wake my sleeping wife. 🤣

🎵 “Baby, don’t run me ‘round and ‘round”

‘Mean It’ by Lauv & LANY

🆕📝 7 Things This Week [#126]

Humans are just so creative and make the coolest tools and things. Oh, and the launch of the 52 Albums Project. 🎵 Enjoy!

It was also Apple Music Replay Day. I don’t have much to say about it this year, but I do stand by its top picks for me. 🎵

Screenshot of my top music plays in 2023 saying, “Total Minutes 8,637, Top Artist Maisie Peters, Top Album 4 (The Pink Album), Lukas Graham, Top Song Never Change Lukas Graham.”

Holy smokes, how come no one told me Avril Lavine’s new album last year was full of bangers? 🤘🎵

Regarding Taylor Swift’s first “era”, Speak Now has, by far, the most of my favorites. Some absolute bangers. So fun to revisit this album today. 🎵

My #5x5Friday of top albums from the last 12 months. Great stuff! 🎵

Grid of 25 album covers.

Happy new Lukas Graham album day to those who celebrate! album.link/i/1655754… 🎵

The iTunes mini-player playing “Stay Above” by Lukas Graham on ‘4 (The Pink Album)’