Despite the reviews, (original iPhone software keyboard creator, Humane team member, and user) @kocienda remains firm in his convictions about the Humane Ai Pin:

I feel like I can trust my intuition. Years ago, I made the autocorrecting keyboard for the first iPhone. There was considerable doubt about the very concept of the touchscreen keyboard. And yet, when I built the tech, I felt that it was learnable. I saw how there were people among that initial cohort inside Apple when the product was still a deep dark secret: they got it. It became easy for them with just a little time and effort. Obviously, in time, this also became easy for most humans on the planet. Then this effort opened up with whole phone screen to them, since the keyboard could disappear when they weren’t using it. This same kind of disappearing act takes place all the time with the Ai Pin. Find the touchpad, ask a question, listen to the response, put the answer to use, keep going with your life. Using the Ai Pin is so simple and free of friction. My intuition tells me that we are on track. People will get it with a little time and effort. This model will win.

I think there’s something there, but it needs more time and advancement in the foundational tech. I’m not ready to count them out.