I just released my ‘🤣 Markdown Memes’ shortcut version 1.0:

This shortcut helps you to reuse memes saved as Markdown without having to re-upload the image to your Micro.blog account (or wherever you store your image files) or re-write the alt text over and over again. It presents a list of memes saved to a text file for you to choose from, or allows you to upload a new one and save it to that same text file.

Some niceties:

  • Auto-setup to create and update the necessary text file
  • Auto-sorting to put your most used memes at the top of the list

Get it from the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library.

An animated image of a person in a metallic helmet and armor, The Mandalorian, in a dimly lit corridor with walls of rough stone and scattered lights, captioned “This is the way.”