Took advantage of stellar weather last week to climb at The Gunks! I was very fortunate to meet some new friends willing to take on an orphan climber into their gang. Got on a bunch of new climbs and shook off the rust. Ended the day with delicious pho. 10/10 would recommend. 🧗📷

A person is climbing a rugged rock face outdoors with trees above and a rope trailing below. A winding road cuts through a forested landscape, with distant mountains under a blue sky; pine branches frame the view from a high vantage point. A smiling person wearing a helmet and backpack is rock climbing amidst trees and boulders. A rock climber ascends a steep cliff face with trees at the top edge, casting shadows on the rocky surface. A group of people is dining together, smiling, and posing in a restaurant with exposed brick walls and artwork. The table has remnants of a meal with some beverages.