Incredible day in the high peaks to summit Wright Peak! Honestly, best conditions I’ve ever seen it with clear skies, minimal wind, and great trail. Hanging out with Hank and Madonna was an absolute delight! @highpeaksmountainguides 🏔️ 🥾 📷

Three hikers with poles navigate a snowy forest trail, surrounded by snow-laden trees in wintry daylight. A snowshoe-clad hiker stands amidst a snowy landscape with frost-covered trees, under a blue sky with wispy clouds and a subtle rainbow-like halo from sunlight. Three individuals standing atop a snowy mountain, smiling for a selfie, surrounded by a snow-covered landscape under a cloudy sky. A smiling person holding hiking poles stands next to a trail sign in a snowy forest. The sign reads “FOOT TRAIL → WHALES TAIL 5 WRIGHT PEAK 2.6 ALGONQUIN PEAK 2994'↑3.0."