🧗❄️ What an incredible first time over at Poke-O-Moonshine! Positive Thinking was taken, so we hopped on The Waterfall and Goat’s Foot. Both were astounding lines. Technique is slowly improving. Followed up both with no takes, but all the stoke. 📷

An orange climbing rope stretches up a steep, frozen waterfall with intricate ice formations, set against a forested backdrop. A person in a green helmet and sunglasses is taking a selfie in a snowy forested area with rocks partially covered in snow. A rock face adorned with large, cascading icicles set against a wintry, snow-covered ground, under a white, overcast sky. A person ice climbing a frozen waterfall with climbing ropes, against an overcast sky. A person in a green helmet appears in the foreground, taking a selfie with a backdrop of a striking ice-covered rocky cliffside.