❄️ Big outdoor day with friends! Woke at the buttcrack of dawn to ski alllll the way up the mountain with Dan & Sarah (who hardly broke a sweat at my slow pace) and then back down on fresh runs. Then climbing adventures with Dan & Dakota on bullet-hard ice. Cherry on top was the hot tub dip after. 📷

Two skiers are taking a selfie on a snowy slope with snow-covered trees in the background. The forefront skier is partly visible, holding the camera. A person in the foreground takes a selfie while another skier stands in the snowy background, both on a misty mountain slope. A lone skier descends a snowy slope amidst trees, with visibility limited by a hazy, blue-tinted atmosphere, implying overcast or snowy weather conditions. A climber ascends a frozen waterfall, secured by ropes, while two others watch. They are equipped with climbing gear in a snowy, icy environment.