Well, dang. All Consuming is possibly my very favorite current podcast. The show “ended” before, but came back in a different format for a second season. Maybe it’ll rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes once more. But you should still listen from the beginning. Thanks, Noah and Adam, for a great ride!

A email, reading: “Hey Patrons, It is with a heavy heart that I (Noah) come here to announce that after 89 episodes, All Consuming is no more. The Al episode that we published last week will be our last episode. Long story short, we just decided that making the show wasn’t fun anymore and it ultimately wasn’t a sustainable project for us to continue working on. There won’t be a finale. The show just ended. It will just fade away, like the millions of other podcasts that came before it. Super special thank you to everyone reading this. Thank you for being a Patron and supporting the show. It really meant the world knowing that you believed in what we were making. Hope to see you around one day soon. XOXO”