Finished watching: Mr. Corman (2021) written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt 📺 ★★☆☆

It’s hard to wrap my thoughts about this show into a tight little bow because it was kind of all over the place. But I can say that it was masterful in bringing forth emotions from real everyday life. The last three episodes, which took place during 2020 pandemic, so accurately captured the fear and uncertainty of that time that I forgot for a moment that I wasn’t actually in lockdown in my house.

I can’t foresee a Season 2, which it sounds like there won’t be one, but I think it’s worth watching – even if just for it’s weirdness and rawness.

Oh, and it feels like this show was Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s demon dog. He wrote, directed, and starred in the show and wrote and performed the music. Pretty cool.